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Why I Got Off Aromatase Inhibitors

Hey guys,

I started trt 3 yrs ago. I got on for ed and brain fog, my ed got progressively worse on trt. Which was very depressing, because as you guys know once you have been on trt for a while. It’s near impossible to get off, or at least a miserable journey.

Every youtube search and forum I visited led me to believe that I needed to get my estrogen dialed in. I set out to cure my ED by nailing down the exact amount of AI I needed to maintain the perfect range of estradiol. I tried my hardest for 3 years. I tried every AI dose amount and frequency humanly possible. Getting my estradiol measured every week, trying anastrazole and exemestane. As well as switching back and forth weekly, and still never able to find that perfect estradiol range. And it’s not just ed in plain terms I’m referring to, AI’s made me numb down there. No desire, libido, or ability to maintain an erection.

I stumbled upon the trt and hormone optimization channel exactly 7 weeks ago. I know from searching on this site for the last couple days that one of the channel’s co-founders has been an active part of this community for a while, Danny Bosa. And I can promise you that I came on here not to represent Danny Bosa or his channel necessarily, even though I am truly grateful for it. But to help guys out who are in a similar situation as I was in.

Since finding the channel, I have stopped the AI I was on altogether. A lot of what I heard in the videos made sense, but a big part of it was what do I have to lose at this point. I was ready to give up on trt altogether. Ready to go through the completely miserable journey without exogenous testosterone just to get my libido and erections back. Because who wants to live with ED for the rest of their life.

Low and behold I stuck it out not seeing much improvement off of AI’s, but at the 5 week mark everything changed. Libido is back, sensitivity is back, and my frickin erections are back!

So in case there is anyone out there doubting whether they should come off of AI’s, just give it 8 weeks. What do you have to lose at this point. I feel like I am no longer chemically castrated, and maybe you will too. I have had no water retention, nipple sensitivity or other sides associated with high estrogen. Even if I did, I am done with AI’s for good. It’s time to get the word out, many men are being led in the wrong direction. They are getting on trt for ed and to feel better overall, and are prescribed something along with it that completely negates the benefits of TRT!

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You made the right choice. Tested last week at my 7 month mark and no AI is the way to go. Also EOD shots gives me a good balance.


What is your protocol?

I love your story man.
As a man that had never used AI and never will I wonder why would people do all this to themselves?

Using a chemotherapy drug long term?

We dont have all the data on the harm of the AIs yet. But all the data we currently have shows blocking any enzymatic process in the body(aromatase, 5-alfa reductase) even a little bit is extremely harmful long term.

Dr Scott Howell has an awesome presentation where he gives summary of all the available research even on bodybuilding doses suggesting bodybuilders suffer mostly that they do not have enough aromatase enzyme to produce enough estradiol for the high test levels even if they are not using any AI. So what discussion remains about blocking e2 in HRT doses :smiley:

Another big misconception is people do not differentiate between bio identical estradiol and the total estrogens in their body including the synthetic ones.

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Also more and more clinical experience suggests nearly half of the benefits of TRT come from estradiol. Its like these two hormones work together in a team, for well being, sexual function and etc. if you make one of them to high optimal values the other one should follow and go high as well. As simple as that

What’s your opinion on low e2? Before starting trt, my e2 was at 27 (9-62), 2 weeks after the first trt shot it decreased to 15, and I’m now 8 weeks into trt and it’s 12. It keeps lowering and I only take T E, no AI, HCG or anything. My libido is non-existent and I’m depressed all the time. I obviously don’t convert or something.
Im considering upping the dosage from 125mg weekly to 160mg weekly, and switching from subq to Im which apparently converts better.

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That is bad. Low e2 is bad for sure. You can easily correct that with HCG but better try to find the route cause. In fact I dont see how it is possible to take t and your e2 to decrease.

This can happen usually if you take deca or some DHT derivative

Have never taken steroids of my life. I started TRT 8 weeks ago. Only thing I can think of is lot of ssris in my twenties. But like I said, e2 was in range before trt.
As a matter of fact I might be considering hcg as I’d like to be able to have children one day. Plus it should elevate my total T and free T as well right?

What are your other levels like, free T, SHBG etc? Low E2 is not a great place to be. I’d look at changing to IM as a start. I wouldn’t comment on upping the dose without seeing your other blood results.

It will elevate t a little bit, it will elevate e2 more but in my opinion first try to find out what happens with your aromatase enzyme.
The pre trt value makes total sense but the other part contradicts to literally everything Ive ever hard or learnt regarding hormones. I cannot even think of how that might be possible.
If you join the fb group TRT and Hormone Optimization, post your protocol and blood work there are 2-3 people there that may have idea what is going on.

Do you find it convenient to inject EOD? I mean thinking every day whether it is injection day? If I were doing that I would go to 3 times a week protocol - at least you know monday is injection day and etc

I’m not totally against AI’s. I think they may work for some and not for others. Anastrozole definitely didn’t work for me. I had the same ED effect you’re talking about. I switched to exemestane and it worked fine but I got the achy joints from going a little too low.

I personally feel better injecting everyday without an AI. My E2 went from 115 down to 77 with daily injections. I was on 200mg cypionate per week split into daily injections. I’m now on 175mg a week and I think I feel even better. This is my 3rd or 4 week on 175mg.

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I have a journal here actually, my latest results are coming this afternoon, I will update the journal when I know.

Thanks, I’ll do that.

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I switched to 3 x week at same time I got off AI’s. 200 mg test cyp a week. It’s what I’ve been on since the start. I’ve tried splitting up the doses in the past, but didn’t help on AI’s. I also got off hcg to eliminate any variables. May try to get back on just to preserve fertility.

I forgot to mention that my hdl was 34, ldl was 214 right before I got off AI’s. Hoping my numbers will get better now. The concern about my heart is what led me to research AI’s more, and ended up leading me to the trt and hormone optimization channel.

I’ve been on eod injections for almost 5 months now, and haven’t missed a day. When I was on everybody 3.5 days, Tuesday evening/Saturday morning, I missed a day occasionally.

For me, eod is easier and more consistent than Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Make sure your doc is not giving you Test with an AI blended into it.

Its pretty simple. I enjoy it and look forward to it. Its good to to test your memory. But its easy because I use Test one day and HCG the following day. Hard to fuck that up, but Im sure there are those who can still do it.

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