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Why I Effing Love This


So yesterday I was reading through my travel journal. A year ago today I was surfing on a beach in Australia before going out, getting drunk and having amazing sex with one of the hottest girls I've ever known. At the time, yesterday, I was in rainy London, and all my friends weren't around.

Today, lacking motivation I forced myself in to doing my leg day.

I get in, and as soon as I'm in the gym I'm feeling it. It's on. It's a day to do good things. I fucking nail the squats, low and heavy (for me). I get on to the deads up my weight by 20kg from the previous week to 100kg. Now this I know is not a lot for most people here but I was so fucking pumped to nail out 5 sets.

I'm now so high on endorphins, listening to some good fucking music, feeling fucking good about myself and remembering that this, is why I fucking love this.


Why do you guys fucking love this? Expletives are 100% necessary if you are FUCKING PUMPED about this.


haha i hear ya man life's good.


I fucking love fucking.

Edit: Fuck.


fixed it for ya there brah


Given the OP's post...I believe this is the appropriate response...



You all have to edit your replies to effin and ef(?)now.


i bought a vest today



Hell fucker yeah!


like fiddy?


Why do I love this?

Cause as much as my wife complains about me getting bigger and bigger she's fucking me harder and harder as I add more muscle cause she's fucking loving it!!!


Yeeeeah, buddy! LIGHT weight.

Nuttin' to it... but t' do it!


I fucking love this because over the last month I have hit 4 fucking personal bests. 4 fucking plate DL 3 fucking plate squat and a fucking 2 plate bench. I know yopu fuckers dont like bragging and most of you can lift more than this anyway.... But its fucking big for me.



It's a journey of you vs you. You're your own worst enemy and your biggest fan at the same time. All the failures as well as all of the rewards and accomplishments are yours and yours alone. No one can take that from you.



no, like a vest-vest

i dropped $310 on a vest, pair of slacks, 2 shirts and 2 ties. i have to buy some shoes too so thats another $100


Was a guitar wailing hard and the gym exploded?


Ive had a fucking great month.

Broke all my PBs on the big 5 (bench, dead, squat, clean, overhead)

and now im ripping off the fat. sub 1950 calories and under 20g carbs. and its actually not too hard.

This summer is going to be all one big fuck.

fuck yea


And then I fucking ripped out a stop sign from the FUCKING GROUND because I saw some fucking ninjas and pirates trying to fight each other and I was all like up in their faces and fucking said "SHUT UP AND SQUAT" and they fucking went and squatted and then I walked off in to the fucking sunset while the guitar wailed even fucking harder than before.


Good work lads.


PBs? with jelly or fluff?


If you're in it for the long haul.....this is the answer.


im confused...

just pulled a PB tonight again.. whpo says you cant get stronger on low cals. BOO YAA