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Why I Don't Workout on Campus

Picked this little gem up when I was forced to go on campus to lift today. The regular gym was closed.

It’s cool, though. I just did snatches instead!

What a joke!-Believe me I understand. I don’t have this problem where I train as they have olympic platforms/bumpers, etc., but I have trained at a university where by strict enforcement by management, no heavy weight-training is allowed. Can you believe that? What their idea of “heavy” is, I’m not sure but the management’s reasoning for this rule is so newbies won’t be intimidated by those lifting heavy. I am not kidding!

Ha. I tell ya what happened to me recently at my university’s weight room.

You can see what my normal training wear is by the strongman training photos I post.

Well, I had decided to train at the weight room one day after work. Since the one lifting platform was being used, decided on doin’ some one arm DB snatches, push presses, DB curls (just to see where I was at) - you know, “fun stuff”. Well some skinny guy comes on over and points to some machine (that I wasn’t using), and says the policy of the weight room is that you can’t use the machines if you’re wearing “street clothes”. Wanting to continue with my session, I just shrugged and said, “I’m not, just using dumbbells/free weights today” and walked away.

I was beginning to set up a rack for some good mornings, the skinny guy comes back over and says that it’s the policy to “not allow street clothes at all” in the weight room. And that I’d have to leave. I just gave him a incredulous look and a “I wear this stuff all the time when I train”… and just walked away, got my bag and left. He followed me out - apologizing for having to tell me.

I just told him, “hey, guys like you I forget quickly or ignore. You know, since I’ve been training for as long as you’ve been walking this earth.” Right then, I pulled out my inhaler that I have all the time in my pocket, and said “THIS is why I wear this, girly-boy. Never thought to ask WHY I wear what I wear, huh? Dick.” And walked out.

I’ve had this problem at the gym in my hometown, fortunately, as long as I work out after hours there’s no one around to harass me. What’s worst though is when people “tell” on me. Assholes. These morons actually wonder why they are all fat and out of shape. Grrrrrr… now I’m pissed off…

As for patricia, way to put a little “man” in his place. You deserve beer for that.

By the way, the next time one of those assholes tells me that squats/deadlifts/snatches/goodmornings… are dangerous, so help me, someone is going to fucking die. If you see a report on the news, you’ll know the real reason why… even though they’ll conclude it must have been “roid rage”.

Dude, you should transfer to USC where we don’t have such ricidulous restrictions. Seriously though, sorry that your school gym sucks like that.

I thought I’d post this sign I stole as well. My highlighting.


Don’t worry, man. I don’t normally work out here. I’ve got a badass Gold’s gym with a very cool owner. It’s got platforms, bumpers and a reverse hyper.

ok, at least you bastards have a college gym THAT HAS A POWERRACK. the college i work out at has 0 powerracks - just 1 smith machine. however, they do not bother me doing deadlifts, i admit.

ike - osu has those kind of restrictions? i’m suprised, considering the beef i’ve seen on their rugby team. must be all the hay baling or something…

Ike is indeed lucky. I wish we trained at a Golds like that one.

One can dream, though.

I know this is kind of off topic but didn’t want to start a thread with just this…

My gym is pretty small but has pretty much everything I need. The squat rack is seated on top of a platform so you do deadlifts and such at the same spot as the squat rack. Last week I walked into my gym to do some power cleans, good mornings and deadlifts and what do I see. Someone curling in the squatrack? Oh no, much worse than that. This guy moved an incline bench onto the platform and was performing incline hammer curls with 20 lb dumb bells. I mean seriously. I guess he wanted to be closer to the mirror?

I just started warming up right behind him and when he finished he moved everything off the platform and proceeded with his 20 sets of curls workout. I was on my 4th set of cleans when he asked if I was almost done on the platform. I told him no that my whole workout took place right there. I then asked him what he wanted to do… barbell wrist curls. I then pointed out he could take any barbell anywhere and do them. He went to the flat bench next to me and began using it…

OK vent ended.

Wow, I feel for you guys. While my university gym (McGill) isn’t the best equipt, the only major rules are not to double book cardio machines and to sign up for a max of 30 min per machine. My training log isn’t exactly tear-stained from these ones. The only things that really bug me are the people that work out there, but in my own, not-so-subtle way, I’ve began to tell people to stop curling in the squat rack.

I live in Atlanta. You’d think, given that my college served as home base for the '96 Olympics, that they’d have decent lifting facilities.

You’d be wrong.

We have a 50’ row of air machines. You know; press the button, pump it up, and watch it deflate by your fourth rep. They’ve collected dust for years, just wasting space. We have a single set of dumbbells. Someone using the 65s? You’re screwed.

I don’t recall a squat rack, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve lifted there, do I could be mistaken. We do have regular flat benches. Two of them in fact, to service a school with almost 10,000 undergrads. God forbid three people decide to dumbbell press.

This is why I don’t bother with the university gym. The place I go is a dirty dungeon on the other side of campus. Every machine variant in existence, 5 sets of dumbbells, and a CD stereo/radio completely member-controlled. Van Halen pique your fancy? Fine. Van Halen it is.

And I’m happy.


My school only has dumb bells (to 95 pounds) adn a smith machine. They say free wieghts are too dangerous and a liability. However it is entertaining to do things like ballistic benchpress and jump dips in an enviorment like this. Management seems to hate this type of thing.

Clemson had a pretty good setup. Their main weight room suffered from being overcrowded, had crappy music, and was policed somewhat by the help.

There was, however, a weight room in the basement called The Dungeon which offered a much better atmosphere. They made you join as a member of it, so most of the sheep wouldn’t pay the $40 a year or whatever it was.

As long as you weren’t stupid, you could do what you wanted down there. They had a 50 disc CD changer full of mixed CD’s, mixed by guys who like to lift. So you just agree with whoever’s in the room at the moment as to what you’re going to listen to.

Things got even better when they started keeping the gym open until midnight (to prevent underage drinking - whatthehellever). No one typically showed up after 10:00, so you could lift by yourself, which meant your choice on clothing, music, etc.