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Why I Don't Want to Bench 405


It seems as if these forums are at their lowest point in a while. There are very few questions being answered or advice being shared. Instead everyone is pointing fingers and getting in other peoples business. There are those that say BB'ers aren't athletes, and then there are those that say if you aren't HUUUUGGGGEEE, then you aren't dedicated or are a pussy. Well, here are MY thoughts.

The above title I got from coach Staley's site, but it applies to what im thinking right now. I dont want to bench 405 for many reasons. The biggest reason being im not willing to make the sacrafices. I simply dont want it that much. Their are potential injuries, countless months/years of training, other goals, other activities, etc.... If I wanted it bad enough, I would bench 405, but for ME it doesn't matter that much.

This same reasoning can be applied to any goal. I am not willing to diet and train hard enough to get extremely ripped (2-6%). Im not willing to train and eat to be 250 lbs. You can call this being a pussy, or being lazy, but this is the way EVERYONE works.

With every goal, there are things you have to give up to achieve that goal. Even top level athletes are caught in the same situation. Sure, they have better genetics than most of us, but one key factor is that they are willing to give up more to reach their goals than the rest of us. Good for them. Im not willing to give up that much, and thats why im not an elite athlete.

I think it would be cool to run a 4:00 mile, or run a marathon, but im not willing to do it. Not only do i hate running, but this would be counter-productive to the things that I value more.

In the past year, i finally hit 195lbs, and deadlifted 405. To some this is a good achievement, others will say it means nothing. The important thing about personal goals and motivations is that they are PERSONAL. Sure someone can say what a "respectable" lift or body, but its all relative. Someone can say that a 16 y.o benching 400 is great, while a different 30 y.o benching 200 might actually be better. Most of us are not competing in PL'ing and thus these numbers are VERY arbitrary.

Here is what I am willing to strive for at the moment. Im sure as I achieve goals, i'll make new ones.

1) Bring up my strength on neglected lifts, and increase endurance on my "strong" lifts

---A 405lb DL isn't anything special IMO, but I keep doing it until 405 is easy, and do 405x10, I think thats a great achievement. Maybe i'll even do 300lbs x 30.

2) Getting to 215-220lbs and achieving 10-13% BF

---I wont be turning heads or anything, but its still pretty good IMO.

3) Various fitness goals with weights and sprints (EX: barbell complexes)

Well enough of a rant.

So how far are you willing to go?

Or why aren't you willing to strive for more than you have now?


I'll go as far as my hard work and dedication will take me. If I someday bench 405, great. It's not a primary goal, but I'll never limit myself to anything.
If I someday hit 250lbs with relatively low BF, of course I'll keep pushing. What else am I going to do? Maintain?

What if you someday are benching 365? Are you just going to stop there? Why wouldn't you just keep trying to add more weight to the bar? Who wants to do the same damn thing as last workout?




Do tell...


I bench 455 with my Katana the other day, I'd like to see 5 plates soon.


end thread.



Sorry, I like striving for perfection.


I see where Dankid is coming from, and I understand his point in this thread. However, I think it will be misunderstood and he's going to get ripped for it.


So be it.... I would never expect to be understood on THIS forum


Some people just have different goals, and those with those goals sometimes cannot understand those without those goals. Personally, I'd love to be able to bench 405lbs. However, I can fully understand why somebody either doesn't want to or couldn't really care much for being able to accomplish it. To each their own.


And then you decided that you would be the on take them down another peg or two. Great success!


405x10 isnt much for a deadlift. id say it definately sets you apart from 90% of the gym populous if not more but i did it with 2 years of training total.

i think ill eventually get a 405 bench but TBH im not really suited for the bench (classic deadlift frame). i dont even have a 405 squat or a 315 bench. so to add 100 pounds to my bench in 18 months...i dont know, considering by the time im 23 i will most likely be eating Cookies. so, it might be possible - we'll just have to see how much a difference Cookies will actually make.

to also put it in perspective

i added 100 pounds in less than a year to my deadlift (probaly 10-11 months)

i only added 50 pounds in the same amount of time to my bench.


"Make it a life-rule to give your best to whatever passes through your hands. Stamp it with your manhood. Let superiority be your trademark."

Why half ass it? My primary goals and purpose lies outside of weight training- yet weight training is still one of my hobbies/endeavors, so why wouldn't I try as goddamn hard as I can to perfect it as much as I can? My great may be less than your great, but I am still going to do it as well as I can, for as long as I can, and not fall into complacency.

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IMO you're limiting yourself by setting distinct goals. As long as I do better then last work out I'm happy and will never stop what I'm doing. If I stop making progress I'll find another way to make it.


This is the dumbest thread in the bodybuilding forum thus far


I think his point is that in order to increase the weight you want to lift, your lifestyle will need to become stricter (nutrition wise, timing of everything you do, etc.....) and in order to do these things there comes a point when you are sacrificing other things to do that such as family, job, and other hobbies which he values more. It's a question of value - what do you value more? That's all it is - and that needs to be respected.


complacency is a pathetic characteristic, if you never want to get to 405 then most likely you will never get to 315, if you never want to get to 250 lbs you will most likely never get to 215lbs the reason people set there goals high is a drive to better oneself is an ongoing process, Do Professional athletes try and just maintain their current level of skill at their sport or do they try and improve it at every chance they get. why bother posting a thread if your striving for mediocrity...go join crossfit


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I think the age bracket thread for the under 25s was bad, I also posted that in the thread I cant remember what I actually said. That thread was more a my dick is bigger than yours thread. And I don't think a single person followed the thread guide lines and posted pics they just rattled off numbers.

Hollymacs thread is different to that and sounded like good competition to me if I was at that stage of lifting I would be on it quicker than a drunk fat chick.

But both of those threads were better than this one, it just sounds like you want some attention but can't jump in with the big boys.