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Why I Didn't Go Back in the Corps


...and on an unrelated note, my city council unanimously voted to outlaw smoking in bars. Go fuck yourself America. I would move somewhere else, but there's nowhere else to go.



Been drinkin?


They have bars in Idaho? Let alone cities?


Funny, I'm mixed in feelings on this issue. I hate smoking, but I think many smoking laws are hypocritical. It's late, I'll be more coherent later.


Wisconsin just passed the smoking ban as well. I think the total is now over 20 states.

I'll admit, I like the idea of coming home from the bar and not smelling like an ashtray. But at the same time, what is and isn't allowed is no one's business but the owner of the establishment.


You ain't seen nuthin yet. If they get their way on healthcare every breath you take, every move you make they'll be watchin you in the name of controlling costs.


You could request Okinawa.


Umm... You think Marines are over in Iraq fighting so you don't have to pay your taxes? What?


No, he's saying that we are being betrayed here at home by a bunch of power hungry jackals, who rely on the naivete of the honest and the just.

Would you fight and die to protect Barney Frank? Chris Dodd? Nancy Pelosi? They're all criminals that, in a decent country, would be behind bars.


No, idiots! It is a rebuttal to all those who think the military is over in Iraq fighting for "our" freedom.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


I have no problem with smoking being outlawed in close space areas that others inhabit. It is a very intrusive deadly habit. Don't tell me to go somewhere else either, I think the person commiting the act is responsible to find another spot. Can't count how many times before this happened I would be at a bar with 50 or 60 people and only 4 people were smoking polluting everyone.


It really does suck when the reality of it all finally hits you.


Smoking bans are not a bad thing... and this is coming from a smoker.

It keeps me smoking a lot less, keeps the bartenders from inhaling it all, and lets regular people have the option of going to a bar but not smelling fucking gross at the end of the night.


If you don't love it -- cigarette smoke in bars that is -- you can leave it, motherfuckers.

Bar owners have no say in how their property is used just so a few busy-body, do-gooders can feel better while they poison their bodies with alcohol.


People who whine about cigarette smoke should stay home and quit fucking up everyone else's freedom to fuck up their own bodies. No one forces someone to go to a bar and drink.

What a bunch of whiny, no minded losers you liberals are.


Oh geez, here's a real welfare case! You are so irresponsible you need a special regulation on the books to help you keep from smoking too much.

How nice of you to promote legislation on behalf of everyone else whom does not need nor could give a care about regulating their own smoking habits.

Yep, it's people like you that ruin it for the responsible.

I am voting you off the island, you trouble maker, you!


People actually read Mike's post, saw the cartoon, and thought this was a discussion about smoking in bars? Unbefuckinglievable.

This cartoon reminded me of the old 1970s Keep America Beautiful campaign spot, otherwise known as the "Crying Indian."

Here it is for you youngsters who weren't born yet.

The Indian witnesses all of the ugly things that the usurping culture has done to his beautiful country, and in the last shot, we can see a tear rolling down his cheek. We are all supposed to feel great pathos and pick up our gum wrappers instead of toss them on the ground.

What I would have liked to have seen is that Indian getting madder and madder, then beating the war drum, getting his friends together, putting on the war paint, sharpening up the arrowheads and lance points and tomahawks, and then going out and kicking the asses of the assholes who had despoiled his beautiful country.

Similarly, in the cartoon, I don't want to see the soldier or Marine or whatever just sitting there with a tear in his eye as he hears about the soft coup d'etat going on quietly behind his back. I want to see him getting mad as hell, getting his friends together, and going out to take his country back from the usurping assholes who are despoiling it.

Now that would be a good cartoon. What say you, Mike?


Smoking in bars is terrible for those that don't smoke. And as an unintended consequence, I smoke less. I fail to see the evil.


Snipeout isn't anywhere near liberal.


I gotta say I agree with this. I don't smoke and don't like it, but it's not my -- or the government's -- decision. And seriously, we're talking about bars here! You're poisoning yourself already. The smokers can smoke and I can enjoy my tequila.

There were a small handful of bars in Milwaukee that went smoke-free by choice well before the ban. They survived and some even did very well. There's obviously a market for smoke-free bars seeing how easily all these smoking bans are passing. The people that don't like it should go and open their own smoke-free bars and restaurants and leave everyone else the hell alone.


I understand what the point was suppose to be. My point was the cartoon really fails to make this point, since it lists silly examples of "rights" that are being taken away.