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Why I Deserve to be Shot in the Head


This is the thread where we discuss Tribulus's assertion that I am 'deserving of (Bin Laden's) fate'.

Note: Sometimes I don't recycle. I have driven over the speed limit on numerous occasions. I have even gotten drunk, urinated in a side street and vomited on myself. I only attend church for Easter mass/weddings/funderals and my last confession was in primary school. Discuss.


Perhaps shooting is too much. Personally, I'd like to slap you in the head until you stop attending church altogether. Which begs the question: Why do you still go?

My last confession was 35 years ago when I was 8 and the nuns made me go. I think that's some sort of record.


My point had nothing to with being shot in the head. I've been over this I don't know how many times, but you are asking civilly. All children of Adam are conceived and born dead in sin. All you have to do to go to hell is nothing. You're on the way at the moment of conception. One single disobedient bite from a piece of fruit was enough to plunge the whole human race into eternal death. We all look pretty good compared to Bin Laden. Or so we mistakenly believe, but Bin Laden is not the standard. God is the standard and compared to Him we are all damnably corrupt, most assuredly including me.

I have been saved from that corruption by free grace. A gift of forgiveness and adoption that I was wholly undeserving of. I stood condemned and a perfect (literally) innocent substitute stepped in and took my sentence setting me free and taking me into His own family as well. I am in no position to cheer for another man's death and damnation. If anything I have committed crimes against God as a Christian with my eyes wide open when I knew better that make me on that level far MORE deserving of his fate than he is. So. I am glad that justice was done, but take no joy in seeing a man created in the image of God sent into eternity without my savior.


So if Bin Laden, or someone like him, had a conversion right before he was shot, he would be in heaven now, but Mohandas Gandhi, who to my knowledge never converted, is in hell? True or false?

And I'm not setting you up - I'd really like to know.

And I'd be interested in how others answer, as well.


wasn't Christianity disproved a long time ago?


In your humble opinion, that is.


Yes that's true and you know full well I'm gonna say it's true because I told you that very thing many many months ago. The thief on the cross taught us this. People do not go to heaven because of themselves. They go to heaven because of Jesus who's righteousness they either have or not. It's HIS life that gives ME life and all of grace.

I don't love, adore and worship God because I fear hell. Nothing could be further from my mind. That was taken care of 2000 years ago. I love God because He first loved me. When I was a high criminal dead in sin and fully deserving of His terrible wrath He subdued my stubborn stiff necked will and made me alive in himself. I forsake and war with my sin out of devotion and gratitude. I am afraid of nothing. I mean that. If it weren't for the fact that I know He still has things for me to do for Him here I'd be happy to die right now.

So don't worry yerself about settin me up Mike. My life is His. The God who knows the exact number of atoms in His universe and sustains it all by the Word of His power. What are you gonna do to me? Hurt my feelings? LOL!


You flatter yourself. I won't mention how long it was, but my father's far surpasses yours.


Awesome...so babies go to hell.


I don't believe so. Another topic. Figure it out for now. You'll get it. I mean it.


Do tell, Chris. Your profile says your 21 years old. So even if you NEVER went to confession, I still beat you. Unless you lied about your age and you're really 61.


I thought this is whay you said and I wanted confirmation. And you also said that you were perfectly okay with it and thought it was fair.

My point about not setting you up was to not dissuade you from continuing the discussion. I've enjoyed this chat. You possess a faith and a belief that I will probably never understand, but in some ways, I'm trying to understand it.


I already know babies don't go to hell.


Speaking of my father, sorry about that.


Yep. Once I understood the infinite offensiveness of sin my question became "why does He save anybody at all!!!!" See sin is not horrible because of the word, thought or deed itself. It's unthinkably horrific because of who it's against. People joke about how trivial a bite of fruit is which it would be if it were disobedience to me. However when it's done in disobedience to the most high it is a most high crime. The apostle James said if you break one commandment of the law you've broken them all. God sent His Son to buy back the human race. That's all He cares about. He is entirely unimpressed if Gandhi did some groovy humanitarian stuff and never killed anybody. He was an idolatrous worshiper of false gods.

Well I actually appreciate that. You are still in my prayers. Even when you disappear for a while. Here's some more great bass from Geddy for ya. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsTxxPOqzc4


I meant figure out my position. You know. The right one =]


Thanks for seriously addressing my comments. I don't happen to agree with you and I hope you don't think I'm being hostile. You believe sin is so abhorrent because of who it's against. So do I. It's against our fellow man.

BTW - If hell exists Gandhi will be there for numerous reasons I won't go into here.


I go to church because it's part of my culture and tradition. Culture and tradition are important to me. I also believe Judeo/Christian values, for the most part are inherently good. I do, however agree with Gibbon's central premise that Christianity is too soft. We need to man up a bit.

And the nuns made me go too. I've never been a believer.


Hey, if you don't believe that dogs have souls, I can't help you. Rocks, too.


You religious people scare the shit out of me. How you think you can draw so many conclusions as fact from the scrawlings of some tripped out dudes on mushrooms over 2000 years ago is beyond me. What the fuck happened to logic and reason?

I heard that santa claus was actually the second messiah. You know how I know that? I found a book that was written by these dudes who said they actually met the second messiah. He even had a beard and a red suit. They wrote it down in a book so I know its true.