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Why Hurricanes suck!

Reason #1- Missed 6 days of school in the last 2 weeks which we will have to make up at the end of the semester. Reason#2- Workouts have been screwed up for the last 2 weeks. For those you that haven’t gone threw a hurricane before, everything shuts down and it is like a ghost town everywhere.Then I took a rest week 3 weeks ago. So that is 3 weeks of not too much training. Reason#3- I live in southeast Louisiana and this is the second major storm in the last 2 weeks. Last week we got 23 inches of rain in 3 days. Reason#4- This is a category 4 storm and is supposed to come on land about 70-80 miles west of me, which is the good news. We should only get 70-80 mile per hour winds. Well I guess that is the end of my rant.

This might seem naive on my part, but I’ve always wondered if we could launch some kind of bomb directly at the eye of the hurricane to break it up. I remember reading that Imelda Marcos did this once when a hurricane was threatning to disrupt a beauty pageant in the Phillippines, and it worked. Does anybody know if it’s actually possible to do that? If so, why aren’t we doing it?

The consequences of altering weather could be enormous.

23 inches of rain in a week?! We don’t get that in 5 years here.

Good news, the storm weakened from 145 mph to around 110 mph right before it hit. It also moved more west of here. We’ve got a lot of rain but no major wind damage. I know I’m well rested and ready to hit the iron next week.

I hope the French Quarter didn’t get too much damage. Mardi Gras just wouldn’t be the same.

Nyc, you’re right about one thing. You’re being very naive about this. :wink:

Sorry, having grown up around hurricanes, I find the misinformation amusing.

Yea, but it’s great kite flying weather…

Doc, thanks for taking it easy on me. LOL. I tried to avoid flames by pre-admitting that I’m naive on the whole subject. I guess it worked. :slight_smile: