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Why Hate on North Korea?

Why does everyone hate on North Korea? They’re totally bad ass. Check out their military parades. I’d love to be a dictator like Kim Jong Un.

Not sure if you are serious.

I’m sure he’s a dickhead who is attempting to troll and still managing to fuck that worthless task up.

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Just because I said something positive about NK I must be trolling. Good one.

The kids 18 and needs attention.

Pretty much, yeah. Either that, or you’re Kim jong-un himself.

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I think the latter. Pic looks right: short, fat little man with anger issues.

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Why is everyone against me?

No one is against you, that I know of, we are against Kim jong-un.

Unless …


Considering that he’s now started a thread about his first “synthol cycle” I think we know the answer.


In a different thread you did say you were abducted by aliens.


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What did the aliens say to you? And why did they abduct you?

Did they perhaps mention anything about keeping us in a self contained zoo so are development isn’t disturbed at all? If so please respond

Did you see the Twilight Zone episode where aliens put one of our astronauts in a very comfortable house. But when he tried to get out he couldn’t. Then suddenly the picture window drapes opened and he was on display for all the aliens to view…it was a human zoo. Great episode.

Maybe chrono was in a zoo for a while. Either that or they were exploring his backside. I’ve read that aliens have an anal fixation…

Why are people flagging chrono’s comments?

Don’t flag posts just because you don’t like the person or think his comments are stupid.

Dennis Rodman is that you?