Why Hasn't My BF% Changed?

Okay Bolt, we need to talk. You might be tired of me chiming in on your threads, but… tough.

You’ve started a bunch of threads over the last few months asking for advice and you’ve gotten some very good info about training and nutrition from some smart guys, but you’ve followed none of it.

In your first thread here, last September, you asked about bulking and cutting for track (among other things).

In that thread, I tried to warn you: “If you want to join the track team, train in a way that makes you a better track athlete. A side effect of that training will almost-definitely be a better physique, but training like a bodybuilder while wanting to run track will give you very slow, very inefficient progress in both.”

And, guess what… that’s 100% exactly the situation you’re now in. You’ve jumped between wanting to get a 6-pack, wanting to train for track, wanting to do bodyweight stuff, and it’s been five months and you’ve made basically zero physical progress.

Five months ago, you had a much better chance to focus on building a great base of strength and muscle. Now that you’re running five days a week, it’s going to be much more difficult.

[quote]libanbolt wrote:
i usually eat enough protein such as bbq grilled chicken breasts and sub sandwhiches at my school lunch every day. i drink about 2-3 bottles of water a day. for dinner i either eat a bowl of rice or pasta[/quote]
Again, five months ago, I gave you a link to an article literally titled “The Athlete Diet” to get some good nutrition tips, but you completely ignored it. Based on what you just said, right now you’re eating like shit for someone with your goals.

Dude, you dug yourself into this hole and you’re going to stay right where you are unless you seriously put some effort into it. A huge part of seeing any real results is going to be up to you actually taking some of the advice you’re being offered and putting it into action.

Or don’t and stay where you are, barely trickling along with “progress”. You’ll run a little bit faster just from practicing, but nothing major. Summer will come and go, your abs won’t show up. You’ll get pissed off, maybe blaming us on the site for not giving you “real” advice or pissed at yourself for not following through. And you’ll either decide to start over and try again next year or you’ll just quit.