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Why Get Mad at Bill Donahue?


After reading some of the comments and some other forums it seems that people actually get ANGRY that he points out that the problem of abuse in the catholic church is a HOMOSEXUAL PROBLEM instead of a pedophile problem. A pedophile is attracted to a child below the age of puberty. Because the majority of boys abused were teenagers, it makes it a homosexual problem. It's still wrong, but lets place blame where it rightly belongs.

Going after pedophiles that don't exist and ignoring the homosexuals perpatrating these acts will not stop homosexual abuse of teen boys. A 14 or 15 y/o boy is too old for a pedophile, a pedo looks at them like a 'grandpa'. I know it's not politically correct to point out, but this abuse is the fault of homosexual priests. But people on the left get angry if you point that out, because pedophiles don't have a powerful lobby group like homosexuals do. So it's more convenient to call them 'pedophile priests'.

The mainstream media know what a pedophile is. But they are so committed to the gay agenda, that they will ignore facts, unless those facts make homosexuals look good or look like victims. They jump thru hoops to say that a man that sexually abuses 14-18 y/o young men are pedophiles. In fact, they even jump thru more hoops to insist that most of these priests are really HETEROSEXUAL. Anything to ignore reality. Calling yourself heterosexual doesn't matter if you indulge in homosexual behavior. You're just in denial.

And check these comments: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/03/31/catholic-league-boys-pubescent/

Some people are just so committed and invested in defending homosexuals in the Catholic Church that they lose all sense of logic and reality. They wouldn't care if 100% of thise abused were teen young men, somehow, in their mind, homosexuality is not to blame.


I read this as Phil Donahue.

MAN I was about to GO OFF!


Well, why dont the homosexuals just fuck each other if they arent pediphiles?


What's the chances of a priest working in a parish with another homosexual priest? Most priests are the only priest at their parish, at least in America.


Bill Donahue:


what does consentual have to do with anything?

There are networks for all kinds of sexual activity. There are usually more than one church in a city anyway...if no one is in the city, there are surrounding cities.

It doesnt even have to be another priest it could be anyone if he is truly gay.

If a homosexual priest was just gay and wanted some cock then he could get it EASILY from ANYWHERE and no one would know.

You know why they didnt go cruising the underground gay scenes in their area? Because they like boys


The point is pedophilia is sexual attraction to children. Sexually mature teens are not children. That makes the whole thing homosexual in nature, rather than pedophilia. Using the term pedophilia for a man that likes young men 14+ is a blatant attempt to cover the fact that these are gay priests. I know it may be a bitter pill to swallow for those who want to affirm homosexuality, but it's the truth. If most of the victims were teen girls, I wouldn't have a problem with them saying "predatory heterosexual priests". But using the term pedophile to describe homosexual attraction is dishonest.

A quick reading of the term pedophile in a medical dictionary will tell you what it means. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xABl6d_Dm2s#!

The reason why the media keeps saying "pedophile priests" is to keep from upsetting and getting the gay lobby riled up. That and the media is heavily invested in the gay agenda.


I think the problem stems from the fact Catholic priests are required to take a vow of celibacy.

After years of repressing their sexual desires they eventually snap are no longer able to resist. Why altar boys? Because Catholic priests are in a position of authority over them and at age 12-15 young boys still have features similar to girls.

Human sexuality is influenced by nature AND nurture IMO. The same way some men/women partake in homosexual activities only while incarcerated, Catholic priests only develop the urge to molest young boys because of the vow of celibacy leads to years of built up sexual tension. If the Catholic Church allowed priests to have consensual sexual relationships with women, much of this problem would go away IMO.

So no, I don't consider this a homosexual problem.


That argument fails, because if they were interested in women, they could find one. Even if they had to pay for it. The fact is they like men. Heterosexual men are not sexually attracted to other men. You cant reasonably say 15 y/o boy=15 y/o girl, as if they are both interchangeable to a straight man.




Of course they're gay.

Everyone knows this.


They fuck boys.


And are we talking developed msaculine teen boys or ones like Hanson?

Not everyone looks 16 at 16..some can look 12, or younger.

I know a guy that looks 16 and is 30..imagine what he looked like when he was actually 16?


Then extend that same logic to Ct. Rockula's post: If they were interested in men, they could easily find one. Even if they had to pay for it.

The fact is, there is a dimension of power to the relationship that makes labeling like homosexual/heterosexual irrelevant.

Why doesn't the rapist just go pick up a broad in a bar, or pay a pro? The sex is incidental to the power relationship.

That's why priest who abuse, gay and straight, prey on the relatively powerless.



You may want to think about that one. I am pretty sure people in the 1500-1800's were getting married around the age of 15. The only reason we have such an age cut off now like "18" is just based on social constructs. It isn't like the human body isn't sexually mature until 18.


This is true.



Under the circumstances they are under, regularly alone around young boys for DECADES they eventually develop attraction. The same way it is not uncommon for a man who is heterosexual on the street to develop homosexual desires after YEARS of only being surrounded by men while incarcerated. like I said, human sexuality is a product of nature and environment.

No a 15 year old girl and boy are not perfectly interchangeable, but a 12-15 year old boy does not develop "harder" masculine facial features until later in life. After 20+ adult years of celibacy I doubt it would matter.


Anyways, that's my opnion. I mean, priests in other religions spend a considerable amount of time around young boys, why aren't molestation cases happening at the same rate in those churches and temples?


Yeah this use to be me. When I was 19 a shopkeeper refused to sell me a lighter because she thought I was 14 years old heh.

When I was working my internship for university at 21, a client complained to my boss saying he shouldn't hire 16 year old boys to work in an office.


You misunderstood what I meant. I was saying that a straight man wouldn't be sexually interested in a teenage young man. And that a straight man wouldn't be just as happy with a teen boy as he would be with a teen girl. In fact, he wouldnt even look at a teen boy in a sexual way. So what I should say is teenage young man butthole isn't interchangeable with a teenage young womans vagina to a straight man.


Why isn't this clusterfuck in PWI?