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Why Get Knocked for Looking Like GSP?


Why do people knock on other who wanna look like GSP? The man weighs 188 when hes not fighting, and he doesnt ever get fat like off season bodybuilders. Frank Zane, a commonly like physique, competed at 185 from what Ive read. Whats the deal? I think most people would be happy if they looked like him. Im not saying this is my goal, just that it would make sense that it would be a common goal.


I dont know why guys on a body building website would say shit about GSP? They must be Jelly right.


Especially since GSP was sponsored by Biotest.


GSP has functional muscle. Body builders only want UNfunctional muscle. See the difference?


Damn Brother Chris with the right cross. Personally I admire GSP but I was really hoping someone would knock his funny talking ass out.




if man beats elephant


and elephnat beats car


man beats car!!!


/Are you 188 pounds of destructive muscle? If you were, you'd get props, like everyone else who is like that. If, however, you are 150 and not destructive, then a similar 188 of nondestructive muscle will still be, nondestructive. You could potentially be a destructive 150. Which would make you slightly heavier than Manny Pacquio who looked tinny next to the whopping 168 of destructive antonio margarito muscle.

Which, if you follow, means that yes, if you stay small you will be a champion, my friend. the champion of small people


Yeah, I never heard him talk. Just liked that he fought and Biotest supported him.


when i carry my rifle i'm pretty damn destructive


so manny pacquio is only the champion of small people? I think its safe to say manny pacquio would be the champion of every fool that posts on this website thinking theyre a bad ass because theyre bigger than most people they see in there day to day life


Personally, Its hard to dislike GSP. The man is too nice for MMA.

Here is a prefight promotional video, that I thought was pretty badass, for anyone who is interested in watching.


And to answer your question...hell no im not 188 lbs of pure destruction haha. Im 170 soaking wet. Workin on gettin bigger tho. Everyone starts somewhere.


just work out, and get stronger. theres a difference between 170 before you started putting your body through consistent heavy stress and 170 "i play halo goddamnit". keep it up for year, and I guarantee you will be more muscular even if your weight stays the same.