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Why Gamers Are a Great Fit at the Gym


Looks at Professor X


Whoa, that is cool.


Awesome. This explains everything...Though i never TRADED anything...Do both.


Psh, X hasn't even played the Uncharted games.

I mean, seriously.


How many guys on here could be in that article?




Says the viking.


says the male nurse




Emo viking


emo prez~


Edgy's new add campaign


I don't really see it, despite the "shining" examples of success they cite.

Sure, obviously goal-driven behavior has tangible benefits in nearly every activity in life; what I don't see is that video gaming somehow helps instill/develop the discipline that's absolutely (and consistently) required in physique-related pursuits.

Or maybe these latest next-gen games do somehow foster self-discipline in a meaningful percentage of users. Like I said, somehow I doubt it...


Deej's -


DRE anyone?


Hey, if you're obsessed, no discipline is required.


Has PX bothered to explain his serious error in judgment in not playing these games?

They are the shit, my boy pre ordered the new one the basterdo. He moved out to go to colledge and took the fucking PS3 with him the little shit!

Santa Claus better fucking leave one under the tree for me this year.


I am joining Fitocracy right now. I am sure it will be more fun than here.


LOL. I've just been busy. I don't have much time off lately. I will get Uncharted the moment I have a weekend to dedicate to it. Batman is first.


"Brian Wang and Dick Talens"

Those have to be fake names.