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Why Fat People Suck


Well, there was another thread about some stupid fat bastard saying obesity was a disease. More like obese people are a disease! Post anything having to do with your dislike of the fat asses of the world.


Firstly, I hate how they fucking sweat all the damn time.


Cool Story Bro



You are not big boned. You are not retaining water. It is not a glandular problem outside your control.


For the record, the same could be said about bodybuilders.


Yeah, don't even get me started on them. I hate those nocturnal motherfuckers, skulking around my garbage cans...CASING them, really...just waiting for an opportunity to feast on my trash. I mean, fuck, an animal with the facial markings of a burglar (the most immoral of professions)...that EATS GARBAGE...it must be a joke from God or something.


But my friend, bodybuilders don't sweat MARGARINE!


? racoons?


But they make such good hats.


I have a problem when their is overweight paramedics! A story was told to me that two overweight/fat paramedics were all red in the face trying to lift this 120lbs girl that was on a spine board up. If I had it my way I would make it demanding to have a fitness test like police force do (altough there is a good % that are over weight due to no retesting). But I hate the fact we can't discriminate for job positions. It's my life in your hands basically if your a overweight paramedic if I do down.

If you don't pass the fitness test your not a paramedic end of story...I don't think we would have a lot of them then :frowning:


Truthfully, it is a disease. But not one of glands, or water retention, even genetic pre-disposition. It is a disease of LAZINESS. I mean, seriously...after eating all those carbs get up and MOVE. Don't sit there feeling sorry for yourself and stuffing more Ho-Ho's in your face....go hit a punching bag. And yes it will hurt the next day or so IF you are intensely hitting the bag, but don't stop just cuz it hurts. don't feel sorry for yourself cuz you feel like you did something wrong and that's why you hurt...

I used to be really really fat. I am working on it. and my laziness too....

pass those Ho-Ho's please.


The worst are the ones that claim to have 'thyroid problems' but then you'll see them stuffing there faces at a junk food outlet and never get any exercise. As if that's going to fucking help their situation.

This reminded me actually, any of you guys dated a girl that has a very fat friend that fucking just picks you apart behind your back talking all that shit about you. why should she even be aloud to speak about me when im in very good shape and and a good guy and she is a fat piece of shit that stays fat and runs her mouth when she is not stuffing it with cookies and chocolate cake with sprinkles and whatever else fat people eat.

Yeah, so my girlfriend has this fat piece of shit friend that just pisses me off. Everytime me and my mates are out in the bar/club and I meet my girlfriend, this drunken fat swine comes up to me and tells me she will beat me up if I hurt my GF etc. This fat sweat stain follows my gf around everywhere. I want to get fucking rid of her.

One time she started pulling my t-shirt when I just walked away from her bullshit and then I told her that I was gonna fucking kill her. It felt good. Of course I had to deny it the day after to my GF. fuck that fat fucking fuck.


I love when one of 'them' (lol) offers their unsolicited opinion that all those muscles are 'yucky'.



Throw a twinky into the middle of a busy intersection. That'll fix your problem broseph.


Good use of alliteration...




It's also pretty funny when one of them tries to give you unsolicited (and usually incorrect) dietary advice.


Tell them you feel the same way about their fat rolls.


"I cant train with weights because I bulk up to quickly"

Bull....wait for it...shit. Your muscles only grow quickly at first because your an undertrained fat fuck who thinks that lifting the 2l soda bottle is lifting heavy. Or there guts to wash the balls they cant see anymore. All the bullshit excuses, anyone can lose weight you just have to concentrate enough not to eat candy for a few months and go to the fucking gym.

No-one would guess I used to weight 335lbs from that post huh?


I have yet to met ANYONE (male or female) who truly bulks up too quickly. A good friend of mine just joined my gym, and she was telling me she has to be careful or she'll get real big, because it's happened before. I explained to her that what most likely happened last time, was that she became more hungry because she was suddenly engaging in a small amount of physical activity.

Then she probably started eating a little more than she was used to, rationalizing that now she's "working out". End result? She put on more fat -lol.