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Why Exactly Does Test Increase Body Hair Growth?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if you know why those who take T and get very hairy everywhere: arms, shoulders, back, etc. get that hairy. Apart from predisposition (having those little hairs in the first place), is it just because they take T or is there a specific amount of DHT that if you surpass triggers that?

I was pretty hairy before starting trt, but I’m pretty sure the hair has thickned up since.

I haven’t watched this yet so I don’t know if it helps you or not:

Not exactly a peer reviewed source but:

Anecdotally- having been on TRT for about 10 weeks, my beard is the fullest- darkest and thickest its ever been. One of my low t symptoms was a few patches of it fell out and went bald. Alopecia somethingorother the Dr called it

Thank you guys. Should I have posted it on ‘‘Pharma’’? Is there a way to change it? Would it make any difference?

I don’t think it’d matter much. A lot of the guys that frequent the Pharma forum read through the trt forums as well.

Also to your original post you don’t necessarily get “hairy everywhere” your individual genetics plays a part too. Anyway, you’re not creating new hair folicles the hair that was already there is more visible.

My guess is the skin, thus hair, on different parts of the body have different proportions of androgen receptors and as such they respond differently to heightened levels of androgens. Some places thin out some places hair gets darker & thicker.