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Why Egypt Sucks and Why America (Canada too) Doesn't...


Marzouk lives there, nuff said...


Oh? I'll never go there, then. Fuck that.

Wait... who's Marzouk?


See the thread titled "Why America Sucks..." a few down from this one. There you will find all the answers you seek and why this thread was made in jest.


I'll just leave this little gym here...

"According to the World Health Organization in 2008, an estimated 91.1% of Egypt's girls and women have suffered genital mutilation.[86]"

Ya Eygpt is totally awesome.


OP but sorry Canada will always suck, its in ur blood.


Marzouk is cool....

He's in the 10 people on this site I kinda like still.


I used to work in Egypt, and I enjoyed myself there. Horrible traffic though, completely insane. lol


You beat me to it. Pretty disturbing.


Plus mulsims live there too.


Yeah... the world health health organizations is incorrect.

Who the fuck is dumb enough to beleive the W.H.O have checked around 40million Egyptian vaginas to see that they are mutilated?

Are off your fuckin head?


Oh yeah, i forgot all muslims are terrorists, i am not one myself but, most of my friends and family are. You are obviously prejudice and narrow minded. Now GTFO, you don't deserve to post in a thread that has Egypt in it's title.


Yeah it can be a nightmare sometimes, but tbh i've got used to it. And sometimes it's pretty having no lane discipline, or having to use indicators, kinda like real life GTA


You are a gentleman and a scholar.


I was starting to warm to you aswell.


Can't tell if this is a joke post. Do you really think they gathered that data by checking everyone's vaginas? Did you check the aforementioned citation? Or perhaps ujustmad?


I am! Sign me up to be a W.H.O. inspector!!! (only as a re-inspector to verify that vaginas have indeed NOT been mutilated on smokin hot girls only :slight_smile:


I know....

I was just joshin.


You DO realize that a good portion of those vaginas might not be worth inspecting...

This is why I couldn't be a Gynecologist.




I thought so :slight_smile: