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Why Dudes Get Off Steroids?


i have contimplated getting on steroids since i am unsatisfied with my gains over of the last year..i just want to know why so many body builders/lifters/gym rats get off steroids? financial, psychological, physical complications???

thanks in advance for possibly helping me decide my fate :slightly_smiling:


What do you mean 'get off'?

What do you consider 'on'?

It is a serious question - i want to know what you consider is 'on steroids' and what 'getting off steroids' is/entails?

If you have a sensible and partially educated answer, i may have a decent conversation with you.


That sounded elitist - what i mean is, if you show me that you have an understanding worthy of a good discussion, i would be happy to have one with you.


Haha Brook is going soft on us... Need to up your AI?

I am curious as to what you mean exactly. I think I will stop using when I get bored with it, or get to a place where I am happy with my physique and it could be maintained somewhat naturally.

Do so many really go off? I know a couple of guys who did a few cycles then stopped but they found that the side effects were just too much for them (although they didn't always run the proper ancillaries).

I think it is a big choice to start using. Chances are, one or two cycles will not satisfy you and it will become a part of your life. Sometimes I think about how certain people in my life would judge me if they ever found out about my use.


I get off a lot more when I'm on steroids. Serial guys.


I wonder - just how many cycles you have done and what your stats were before and what they are now..

I only ask because if you are of the opinion that you cannot improve more on AAS than without them, then you clearly haven't used them long - or haven't used them correctly - likely both.

No flame - its just that your post, even if it is 'just your opinion' - is wrong mate.

It is known that if you use androgens above your own level (or any anabolic hormone), you will be eventually able to progress to a higher level than would have ever been possible naturally.

How many 2% and 240lb lifetime natty BB's are there out there?


EDIT: misread post


Somewhere between zero and 3

Edit: I'm not trying to be an asshole here, just a little sarcasm


i consider someone being on steroids is someone that juices up 'consistantly', be it one cycle a year, be it 10.




If I recall right, he admitted he was not and ran a short cycle once.


Thibs isn't lifetime natural. He's presently natural.


has anyone read why CT come off?


No interest in discussing anything with you kid - my post is thorough and clear in its question. If you feel 'all self conscious' answering my query - that's your problem.. :wink:


This is why i don't get the question - i can see it has been written by someone who hasn't used for this exact reason - no offence intended (no reason some should be taken, but people are very sensitive these days..).

It is not really of being on or off.. AAS are there to be used.. some choose to use them occasionally, some once, some more frequently and some never. It is not as plain as 'on' and 'off'.

The question would be more accurate if it read: 'Why don't more 'dudes' stay on AAS indefinitely?' because IMo it is more common for a user to cycle than it is to stay on...

See what i mean?


I see.. forget i asked :wink:


If I recall correctly he only did one very brief cycle, and it was when he was young, like high school or early college or something. I recall him saying that the sides were terrible and that he didn't know what he was doing and didn't gain much if anything.

Basically, I consider him a lifetime natural, even considering that--one cycle that did nothing at the beginning of his training life. Maybe not the letter of the law, but the spirit, if you get me. He seems to have done more harm than good with it in any case.


Yeah right...


I don't believe CT's natural even now; not that I care one way or the other.


I actually do not think he is natural at all.. i am convinced he isn't.

I read a relatively recent article (last 2 years) where he took 1000mg of test to see what the effect psychologically was. This is not the action of a life natty!