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Why DON'T You Workout?


I can't even count the number of times people have said to me, ''why do spend so much time in the gym? Why do you need to be strong? So what if you dead lift xxx or bench xxx''.

I'm guessing everyone here who lifts has had these questions before and have answered them accordingly.

But what i wana know is why don't those people work out?

I see guys walking round weighting 120, - 150 with stupid fucking Bieber hair cuts and skinny jeans thinking to myself:

Why the hell don't you wana be stronger?
Why don't you wana look better?
Why don't you wana be healthier?

I'm sure there will be a day when you'll have to move a washing machine or a sofa or a fridge and you'll be disappointed with yourself.

I just don't understand how every able bodied person who can afford it doesn't work out.


laziness/lack of desire


they don't work out because they don't give a fuck.


When I was living in Thailand, I didn't work out. I couldn't fit it in between scuba diving during the day and drinking beer at go-go bars at night.


Yeah but it can't boil down to that.

I mean they must see guys who do workout and think i could look like that. But i'm just a pussy.


It's too hard/takes too long


I don't understand why you want to workout.


An hour a day 4 times a week?


Do you really find it hard to believe that some human beings have other interests than yours?



No. An hour a day, 4x a week...For years. Some people cant handle it. Muscle growth takes too long. Fat loss is a forest of unknown. People attack things completely wrong, and thusly make NO results, get discouraged, and give up. People think muscle gain = lift "Heavy" (taking no diet into account). people looking to lose fat think Eat 1x a day and run a lot.


well, yours as well.

I;m not talking about interests, if you have the opportunity to be a better you, why not do it?


So everyone smaller than you/doesn't look like they workout is a pussy?


You make a good point but i'm not taking about people like yourself who are looking to compete ans step on stage, but the 99% of people in gyms who are just trying to improve them selves a little.


Maybe they are.

Maybe they're taking classes, working another job, volunteering at a local shelter, etc.

Expecting people to think alike is a futile endevor.

Plus, it what makes YOU stand out.


Relative size to me has nothing to do with it.

If you are smaller than me and work out, good for you. Your working out and trying to improve yourself.

I'm talking about people who are built like 12 yr old girls.


You're defining a better you as necessarily more muscular.

What if someone has an interest in maths, music, swimming, fencing and fishing? They could very easily argue that THOSE things are helping them in becoming a 'better you.' So yeah, they don't give a fuck.

Granted, I was exaggerating and I do agree in that a significant percentage WOULD like to look better and they do nothing about it through laziness or whatever else. But some people REALLY don't want to become super strong, just as you don't want to do Muay Thai and fight in Lumpini, or become a bullfighter etc.


Then maybe its a sheer lack of focus? No one telling them what to do or how to accomplish things. They go to the gym, simply to say they go to the gym, and when they get there, they are lost. THey work with the "I train what i feel like" methodology, which is always Chest, Biceps, running, or a combination of the 3.

People who are in the gym and "are just trying to improve themselves a little" still just dont know how to go about it IMHO.

If we are talking about people who just dont go to the gym, well that's their choice. The same reason i cant stand reading, but can spend hours on a video game. Preferences.


There are a million ways to better yourself. Many taking less time and effort than lifting. Are you doing every one of them?


When I was younger, I was very into cycling. I would go to the gym and lift weights for my legs only... You know, because holding onto extra upper body mass made you slower up hills.

Like others have said, you're defining 'a better you' as 'more muscular/leaner/stronger/bigger/etc" when in reality, 'a better you' is relevant to that persons interests. If that person has no interest in going to the gym, going to the gym won't make them 'a better you.'

What if it's someones goal to be as smart as they can possibly be? Going to the gym will cut into their studying time.

There are a million examples why this concept is ridiculous.


Yeah good points actually.

BTw im not trying to argue with anyone just honestly wanted to know