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Why Don't You Push Harder?


I just want to know what is holding some of you back. There are clearly some here who can and do push for more than average...and we all know who they are by now...but why do so many others seem to not be moving forward much at all?

How many people here have ever gotten a response like, "what the fuck have you been eating?"...from someone who was big and not sedentary?

Just askin'


seriously? an entire thread is needed to stroke your epeen?


I have gotten that response.

Just answerin'


Any pictures?



Getting really, really big takes hard work, and the majority of people are unwilling to put in the time and effort necessary to get there. I see TONS of people lift for 2-3 years with middling intensity and little attention to their diet, and when the newbie gains stop and the going gets tough, they do not adapt because they don't want to work that hard.

Usually, there aren't really external factors holding people back. They hold themselves back.


I haven't gotten that response from someone big, just people who haven't seen me since I started training July 08. I went from Feb 2010 to Nov 2010 with no progress due to 3 unrelated injuries. Just a bad year. I am back on track, got the arms back up to 17" and should hit my goal of 18" in under 3 years of training if nothing stupid happens to me in the next 6 months. But even then, I don't think any really big guys are going to be making comments like that.


Sunday actually, a heavy weight bodybuilder who goes to my gym that's done very well in a lot of local and statewide competitions. I was waiting for him to finish some sets on the hammer strength decline. We got to talking and he told me that over the last couple of years he's seen me 'put on a goddamn lot of weight'

135 to 178

feels good man


To be honest, I go through phases... On the whole I have been consistent for the last year, but sometimes I just can't be fucked. The great majority of the time however I could not be more on it. I love working out, and when you get one of those sessions where you are in the zone,and you look back on it and realise you barely even remember being there but you know that you feel ALIVE. That shit keeps me going.

No one huge has asked me what I'm eating but regular non-gyming people constantly tell me not to get "too big" or ask me why I want to get bigger and stroker. My friends know that I am the one to give leftover food to when we go out, and my housemates know not to throw out food if they think I might eat it...

Right now I don't really feel like anything is holding me back, and if I can stay injury free then I know I will keep making progress.


No. I did not say I was big. I answered your dumb question. Just because people are not as big as you does not mean that are not busting their asses in the gym.


I will tell you, it feels pretty fucking cool to have the built dudes you looked up too a couple years ago notice you in the gym, and comment on your progress. (Very much so when you been hammering your delts and upper chest for the entire summer, and that is what they comment on, lol)

I'm at the point were progress is really starting to take awhile. So to hear it from outside parties really makes a huge difference.



What does this have to do with being as big as me? How often am I giving props to guys like Holy mac and Kingbeef?

You may want to get this in your head quickly....that just because someone notices a lack of people who stand out does not mean the guy noticing it is comparing you directly to him.

I didn't even mention myself....so why not be more focused on the progress YOU are actually making?

Why so afraid to even post a picture?


This isn't about me. There is an entire thread about me above this one stickied to that page in case you would like to view it.

If not, no one cares.


How many of you have been looked down on by someone with a much higher bodyfat than you because they're "bigger" ?


Maybe you can start your own thread on the matter because that is not what is going on here.


I think this was all covered in the epic thread "Are people here not trying very hard".

What we all learned-

eating a whole chocolate cake and freakishly huge wrists were the keys to become swole.


Most guys just dont have the dedication and itensity to lift hard AND eat big cosistently. I also sometimes wonder if peope are scared to actually get big and achieve there goals....


Yes, but as educational as that thread was, there is something that makes "maraudermeat" get up and hit the gym on a consistent basis and something that forces him to keep going long after he passed up "average"...something most people don't seem to have.

I am just asking those people what that is and why they don't push harder.

But apparently, judging by some of the violent responses, this is a topic hated by a few.


ahaha best thread ever.

but on a more serious note, is this thread looking to highlight those who have made good progress or collect everyones excuses into one handy thread?



Do you remember that thread about body sizes and how most here would label themselves as "works out" or less? I am just asking why so few ever seem to go beyond that.

In doing so, this has caused more than one poster to only focus on me.