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'Why Don't You Look Like a Fitness Model?'


This is an older article from stumptuous.com but I just ran into it again and thought I'd share. There is a lot of talk in the logs about body image issues and so it might be a good read.



Krista is such a fine writer on this topic. Thanks for pointing out this article, debra.


My money is on the fact that I'm 40 lbs. over weight and have a penis.


Where is that damn 'like' button. :slightly_smiling: Nice find Deb. I <3 the contrast between Tara Lipinski and Lisa Leslie.


That's not what I heard.

I love Krista. Coming across her site is what got me into powerlifting. I spent ages examining her dork/dive lifting form pictures.

That particular article is a very good read but you should check them all out.


but Deb you do look like a fitness model.


That was a GREAT article. I'm saving the link and going to it any time I feel like duct taping my mouth shut and eating only protein shakes through a straw. . .


Krista is wonderful. I came across her site 5 years ago, but I'm still a dork. I thought about volunteering to be a spokesmodel of "What NOT to do" or "Don't let this happen to you!"


The pictures are great!
There was another site I came across from a thread that showed "normal" people at different weights, and how 140lbs can look entirely different on one person than another. I wish I could find that site again, the images were surprising and eye opening.
Great article Deb.


Oh I know what site you're talking about... lemme see if I can scare up the web address.


I think this is it:

Click INTO the weight/height square there are more pictures.


Cuz we cook and eat them fitness models on our George Foremans...Arrrr!!!! Cool article :slight_smile:

no offense to fitness models :slight_smile:


I wonder what one of these comprised only of people who regularly train would look like?


good article and good reminder!


How would you define < regularly train >


People who consistently and systematically follow a lifting program.


I love how Tara Lipinski is half the size of Lisa Leslie.....

But anyway, that was an awesome article!


oh I liked this one.

good find


Cept Debs does look like a fitness model... Nice find.


This is a great article. I'm 5'2, 148 pounds, size 6/8. This is the smallest I've ever been. I can look around me and see much thinner women but I've recently come to realize that I will never be one of them. I have too much muscle :slightly_smiling: There's something to be said for analyzing your goals and the body type you were born with and making yourself the best version you can be given both parameters.