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Why Don't You Eat Beef Jerky?


It is a really good source of protein and its low fat and carb. It seems like a super workout food. If its nutritional facts are so good why isnt it renown for being a bulking food? Just wondering


lots of preservatives and nitrates. At least that's why I try to limit my intake.


Too much salt/sodium. I try to limit it to only when I am traveling and unable to cook. If you eat regular meals beef jerky as a meal just doesn't sound too appealing.


lots of brands you buy have tons of carbs too, someimes there is practically as much sugar as protein


I tried it once. Tasted like I was eating a rug. How do people like this shit...


A. too expensive for quantity
B. You can chomp down 3 servings without noticing it cuz that shit just melts lol


It's fucking expensive! Seriously you can get a couple of pounds of steak for the price of a pound of beef jerky (you can get a pound of beef jerky for around $10 at Costco/Sams Club). I'll get a couple of pounds of it for road trips/travel/vacation so I can get some real meat and don't have to live off shakes and bars, but it's definetly not a staple for me.




I bought a food dehydrator to make my own jerky. I buy London Broil when it's $1.50 a pound, slice it up, marinade it for a day or two, then stick on the dehydrator when I'm at work.

Cheap, easily portable, and delicious.


home made to me tastes better. I love crunchy beef jerky.


i dont know about you guys but i can eat all the steak i want, but as soon as i eat a little jerkey i dont poop for a week so thats why i dont.


Who says I don't eat beef jerky?

Love that shit.

And turkey jerky, deer jerky, and moose jerky (local stuff).

My only criteria is no MSG, otherwise I don't eat so much that I really worry about the salt or preservatives. It's convenient and a great snack at night or in a pinch.


look into Ostrim ostrich/beef jerky, not too chewy, tastes good, low in carbs. pricey though



For how little food you get it's very cost ineffective.


The sodium content is way too high. I ate 3 pieces of jack links beef jerky and my ankles and feet swelled up like balloons.


Beef Jerky FTW, nothin better. Especially Oberto thin sliced and peppered.


I gotta agree with the guys who say its god damned expensive. If it were cheap i'd be eating it daily.


My brother and I bought 2 boxes of the Costco twin packs (80 bags or more?) - after a few days I got tired of it, but my brother manned up as usual and finished the rest before the expiration date.


I've been wanting to get a dehydrator to make my own. The store bought brands have too much sodium.


he said it, although finding it in stores without MSG is a heroic task. Dehydrators to the rescue!