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Why Don't Laws Make Sense?

Saw this video of this woman getting assaulted by two other women. The victim pulls a pistol out and shoots. The attackers flee and the woman chases one of them and shoots her twice. The court then proceeds to charge the victim with aggravated assault+ attempted homicide. IMO she did nothing wrong. They end up dropping the attempted homicide charge but this shit made me think. Time and time again the law charges good people for doing the right thing, and lets idiots off easy.

Do you think the woman did the right thing?

The woman was right to pull out the gun, but chasing and shooting after the attackers fled is excessive IMO.
If her shot had killed one of the attackers, some form of less severe manslaughter charge would probably be fair since the “attacker” was killed while fleeing, not while attacking the woman.
With that said, the attackers should have been handed down assault charges. Did they have weapons? Was the woman’s life in danger from the attack?


No. The idea behind those laws make sense when they’re applied sensibly.

The immediate threat to the woman’s life ends the moment the attacks flee. As such, any violent actions she commits against those who previously attacked her are considered unwarranted violence themselves. She’s basically trying to take revenge.

What you described is different from a home-owner shooting a home invader dead. You cannot reasonably assume that the home invader doesn’t intend to murder you or otherwise commit violence against you. Your life may be in serious danger, so you must take action. It is preferable that you don’t actually kill the invader but things happen.

The point is- as long as there is a credible threat towards you, you are legally allowed to act in self-defense in most states. Virtually all states require you to cease any acts of self-defense the moment the threat goes away.


The only thing she did wrong was getting caught.

That’s why it’s a bad idea to attack people.


I’m with the OP on this one, I reckon this is a load of shit. If someone comes to kill me, I don’t give two fucks if they decide they’re in over their head and run off like a piece of shit coward. I should be in my rights to finish the deed. But instead, after some fuck tries to take my life, I’m supposed to restraint myself and just wave them goodbye as they run? LoL


Then you should kill them before they get a chance to flee =D

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You have a 24 hour hunting window would be far more interesting.


Lol what I don’t understand is that the laws are as if situations are always so clear cut. We know full well that there are a lot of people willing to do anything they can get away with…I mean seriously, at what point does it become “reasonable”? Like, for all we know the fleeing attackers could have been going to their car to get a gun. Then what?

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I would vote for you if you ever ran for office.

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There was a time in America in which vigilante justice was far more tolerated. Much our current system coddles criminals.

There was even a time not too long ago in which a father could go to a school and scare the living hell out of a bully harming his kids.


Morally I can’t really fault her actions, legally though, as soon at it’s been evidenced the fact that she chased & shot…she’s fucked!

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The problem I have with vigilante justice is that I think people becomes irrational and violent when they feel that they’ve been wronged. I don’t trust such people to give out appropriate “justice”.


You do have a point there.

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Just the nature and intentions of people who physically prey on innocent people going about their day makes me sick.

Anyone who’s been surrounded and/or hit by two or more people at once knows what being terrorized truly feels like and the thoughts that went through their heads when the attack or confrontation was happening.

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Well yes, that can happen. But that’s just a matter of feeling wronged. Being violently assaulted, raped, slashed, maimed, robbed involve consequences besides feeling wronged though.

If we wanna start saying it’s ok to chase down people that attempt to kill you then my morning commute is gonna start looking like Mad Max.


what state did this occur?

I have to be me on this one, but wouldn’t you ALWAYS have to be surrounded by at least 2 people?

I meant to state more than one perpetrator, which for many people, adds another layer of terror compared to just one person scarier and stronger than oneself.