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Why Don't I Look Like a Fuc@ing Monster?


I'm 19 and I've been lifting for several years now and weigh about 167 at 5'11''. I can deadlift 415 using a mixed grip, squat 225 for reps(just started training squat seriously again after hurting my knee squatting to deep with 315 years ago while wrestling in high school), and can bench 255 5 times, and can do 16 pull-ups until i start having to cheat.

I was overweight til i was 14 and then i started eating healthy and really getting into it. However my arms aren't really big, and i've still got more body fat than i'd like, yet i only weigh 167. I started doing complexes 2x a week, plus staedy state cardio at an incline for 20-40 minutes a day, all in addition to dogg crapp training which i've been doing for about 6 weeks now. I eat very clean, stop eating carbs except vegetables after 4 pm.

Any opinions? advice?



My guess is that your just no eating enough


You can do any program you want or lift any numbers but if your diet is on track you won't gain anything. Show us your typical diet for a day. If you are not providing surplus calories to fuel your workouts then you wont gain weight, simple as that. Also, if your trying to gain weight why are you doing cardio 3 times a week? Put it this way, if you drove a Lambo and always drove it pedal to the metal on empty, how do you think the car will perform?


I thought so, but ive upped it up when i started doing dc, i cant eat to much because i gain fat rather easily. Pics coming soon


the reason why arent a monster is because you only weigh 167 lbs, the reason why you are 167 lbs is because you dont eat enough, the reason why you don't eat enough is???????


If you're only 167 at 5'11" and consider yourself too fat, I suggest you're not seeing yourself as others are likely to see you.


why do people ask the same question over and over again.


You have to get over this psychological pitfall. I too, was once a fat teenager, 225 at 28% bodyfat. I slimmed down to about the point where you are now only to realize I looked like half the man I used to be. Sadly I stayed around 170 for too long as I was scared to put the weight back on. The thing you have to remember is that you were fat cause you ate like shit and did no exercise.

Now you have added those two key elements to your life. Once I got over this fear and began to eat more, the muscle came on with only a small fraction of added fat. Fat will accumulate, but as long as your busting ass in the gym and kitchen it will be minimal and you should be able to put up with it.


Research everything that comes to mind about hypertrophy regarding training, food supplements, and train your ass off. Man if you weight 167 and aren't lean at 5 11" after several years then you're coming short in many areas of muscle building.


Anyone know how to post pics on here? thanx


Front pic


Just keep going at it. When you get to a 655 deadlift, you'll look big no matter what.


Back pic


A picture's worth a thousand words....like I said:



I was really hoping i could lose fat and gain muscle, although i know it's suggested that you do on and then the other, I just want it all i guess
Back pic 2


Dude at 19 I beleive you are entering some prime years for growth, your earlier training I am sure helped but now you can probably step it up. I wish I was ninteen again, take it easy on the beer and weed if you do partake in that. When you eat envision the power.


Back pic 2...2?


No food=
No growth
No mass
No monster
No freak
No headturning
No raging
No hating
No respect



Am quoting again so you don't underestimate how true it is.

I'm also going to ask for an outline of what you might eat in a day.


Just an example

I'll eat these every 2-2 and a half hours

1 Rice and tuna with cashews and soy sauce

2 protein shake and half cup oatmeal with cinnamon and milk

3 A bunch of eggs and 2 slices of whole wheat toast

4 post wo Yogurt with protein powder and a sweet potato

5 Protein shake

6 A chicken salad w/ protein shake

7 Right b4 bed, a protein shake