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Why Don't Black and Brown Match?


I seriously don't get it. I have boots with black and brown in them. Some shirts have black and brown together. They both seem like neutral, earthy-type colors I guess. Can someone explain this?


I dunno, according to my girlfriend it doesnt match, i wear it anyway


Like most of those rules, it depends. In this case upon:

  1. the exact shade brown and even the black,

  2. the type and texture of the fabric,

  3. YOU - meaning, what can you get away with? For example, what kind of person are you? Some guys can look great with bright green pants, a yellow whale belt, and a pink polo shirt. Go figure. But it's not just a matter of personality, it's also in part a function of your own complexion, hair color too.

Blah blah.... you know it's the same old stories - there are rules but you have to know how to break them. Ultimately you have to go by your "eye."

If all else fails, ask a woman friend about what you're trying to do - she'll likely know.


I can't even begin to explain why black and brown dont match. Its the same reason black and dark blue dont match.

Heres a real basic guide to matching, with it, you shant go wrong.

Match the color and material of your belt to that of your shoes. No black belts and brown shoes.

Match your leathers. Like above, but more general.

Match the types of metals that you're wearing. Its either silver or gold, none of that mix and match crap.

Try and stay under 3 colors (Blue jeans and Standard Khakis do not count as colors. Black pants DO count as a color). Four or more colors and you'll look bad.

Be aware of the shades of the colors that you're wearing. Sky blue and navy are both blue, but theyre not the same color. They count as two seperate colors in your wardrobe.

Be aware of your patterns. Checkers and stripes do not go to together. Keep your wardrobe to ONE patterned item. The colors on the pattern do count as colors.

Master the rules, then you may break them. When in doubt, follow them, and nobody shall point at you behind your back.


^ omg seriously.... if it doesn't smell, wear it.

do you even do your own laundry? its hard man.


brown is an earthy color. Black is sleek and modern. They are just different.


Excellent advice. There's nothing wrong with knowing what goes together and what doesn't. It makes you look like a grown-up and you have your shit together. The only thing I have to add is grey and tan shirts don't go with khaki, unless you're on safari.


Because it makes you look like a shit after eating a black bean pie.


True enough - but it's precisely that "difference" that can match if done correctly. Which is why Shwarz has shoes and shirts that bring the two together. Again, it's contrast - not same-ness or uniformity - that matches. Here's an example - a hot woman to keep this thread from sounding any more gay than it already does :wink:


In my opinion, Black and tan, or Black and khaki look good because they offer a dark/light contrast. I don't get the whole matching thing. Just stand in front of a mirror, if it looks good, do it.


Yes, Guiness and Bass. They do match.


I sometimes wear a brown blazer with a black shirt underneath. Not that I'm the least bit sympathetic to fashion trends. I go by a very simple guideline:

1) Do my balls hurt from looking like someone off the cover of GQ magazine.

2) Do I look like someone other people might donate their spare change to.

If none of the above apply and it doesn't stink, I'm good.


Hey man, black/tan works for Rottweilers, and what self-respecting T-Man wouldn't want to look like one of them?


whatever happened to black goes with everything

i wore a black shirt once with dark blue pants and my cousin about crucified me for it, and i was just going bowling lmao


Oh man, you mean my Color Me Badd shirts have to go!?


wtf, I mean seriously ... what do I do if I dont want to devote the mental energy necessary to follow this crap? What then? I'm not saying that I have teh most intellectually rigorous life, I mean I could AFFORD to devote the mental energy ... but then again I guess I could afford to buy a much fancier car, it's just not my priority


Fashion is like working out... You just make yourself do it until it becomes a part of your daily life.