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Why Don’t More Women Post?


I really have to prepare myself first. Because I know how sick men/women can be in an irrational disease. It really is a mental illness so I support project 375. I’m nervous to post pics…then I realized that you guys are there to help me and hold me accountable. I could say blah, blah but I wanted to show you visually since BMI isn’t that accurate. It’s a lifelong struggle but I take one day at a time. And actually laugh at myself…so I’m much more comfortable in my skin. Edit…iwent to an eating disorder help site hoping to “fit in”. I was at the time 100 lbs, and received replies such as “oink, oink, pig, pig”. It’s a fucked up world out there and I’m glad I’m not one of those “tweens” anymore


Thank You for posting again, I find your pic great!

It is easy to spot you can very well justify your nick, great arms specially!

Once again, thanks, YOU CAN BE CONFIDENT you look FANTASTIC!


Thanks, I appreciate it!


Now you still have wings but invisible, hahah


Aww, ty. My 80 lb pics are too embarrassing


Look at those twigs for arms ugh!


Just seen the “update” with a “single” arm, great too!


Appreciate the feedback. I really have been reading on this site. So, much info. Thanks, I was thinking I looked too skinny so that’s the one I deleted.


Cool thread!


Great job! How much do you weigh now? You have obviously come a long way.


I’m at around 125ish…I try not to weigh myself cuz I just want to be healthy. Thanks so much :hugs:


I’m just going to enjoy my second chance at life. Which means you guys are in it :hugs:


I want to help and be a source of inspiration or a source of understanding for families who have eating disorders affecting them. I never went into the hospital for my eating disorder which may or may not have been better. My mom is a raging alcoholic so I never saw rehab as more than a waste of money. I’ve let go of that toxicity because she continues to make bad choices, but to me defeat is unacceptable. I just want to feel alive, and the more weight I gain the less cold I get ftw. My scrap of paper doesn’t mean much to me anymore but my hubby and dogs, do. But for now, one day at a time :hugs:


I think you just answered your own question tbh…until lifting weights becomes a pastime which is more or less equally done by men & women, forums will continue to be mostly occupied by men.


I posted this thread awhile ago. Though there are some of the awesomest women here, I’ve learned so much from guys. I’ve usually spent more time with guys anyways, less questions, more sports. Kinda sad I have to retire another jersey…I guess dez (which I thoroughly agree with cut)will be in storage with romo and ware. Only one I have now is my Witten jersey but barely fits me now but I love the guy. Maybe I should crop it, and be like Zeke lol. Actually, I’m disappointed in my Blackhawks, too😰


I was reading about muscle memory. Damn I’m such a dumbass, that’s prolly why I never get doms or why I gained so fast. I guess the brain is even more powerful than I thought. The human body amazes me


For sure.
Muscle Memory.
Mind Muscle Connection.

Former athletes are often ahead of the game. Some of the best female lifters were gymnasts as kids. Tremendous development of MMC. Knowing how to activate your muscles.


Yeah, I spent some enjoyable time learning about it. I’m eager to learn! Your input is so appreciated. Never will I get sick of you :hugs:


My daughter and I were both gymnasts, and she is so athetically gifted, and picks up new skills so fast, and is so strong at 4’10, 85 lbs, it is shocking.
Course, it causes bad joints, and is so demanding on the body!!!


I’m about to leave for the evening, but wanted to thank all of you for helping me. Too many to name. Your knowledge, explanations, encouragement, and advice is worth more than you could possibly know :hugs: