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Why Don’t More Women Post?


Headed to a hockey game. Have fun!


unfortunately it was not the first time. It must come with the “I can do more” and adrenaline junky type loving their job way too much.


Great posts from all!

Have you posted your pics somewhere?, I´ve seen “Girlgotguns” photo, but probably missed yours, would be fantastic to see the result of all your hard work, and of course more from “Girl”.

Thanks and best regards!


Honestly, the new braless thing and collagen injected nipples has me laughing. My doorbells as my hubby calls them I don’t think will ever feel comfortable going braless places, bad enough when wearing bra and it’s cold…but all the time out there to be looked at. I feel like I really am getting old because that is not attention I want…but who knows there is a braless movement and my hubby has been teasing me to let them be free…yeah, he’d prolly flip out if I did…hahaha


Sure. Hopefully these aren’t HUGE. I just switched from my old iPhoto program and am having trouble adjusting to Mac’s new version. I’ve put up progress pics over the years, and logged here, but I had my old logs removed. Most people who have been here awhile know what I look like.

This is an old progress pic of my back. It’s an old avatar pic. I’m a bit more built now, and about 2 pounds heavier, so almost the same BW.

Blurry mirror pic of my gams from a couple of years ago. I think they look about the same. I’ve been lifting for 8-9 years now and am happy with my level of muscle, so unless I’m trying to bring up a lagging body part, maintenance is really my goal.



GAH!!! Think about how crazy this becomes. Lol.

At women and unrealistic expectations. How many of the men here would be game to go under general anesthesia to “fix” a perfectly healthy athletic body, particularly when it may actually hinder their ability to do athletic things like jump, run, swing a baseball bat or a golf club. End plastic surgery rant, but I find some of these things about our culture really disturbing.


Great Powerpuff! Thank you for posting those pics, you look fantastic and I´m also happy to put “a face” (actually a body) to your words, haha!

Best regards!



Hawt stuff! You look great! I put a link to nipples haha


@Powerpuff you look great

And I think many ladies (not on here) want to look good and athletic but with out the sweat or work. You know one could die if she break a nail or spontaneous combustion happen to those who sweat too much.


All - Thank you!

That link!!! Personally, I try to avoid giving people the high beams. Silliness. Very funny.

Ya’ll have a good day. Best of luck with your training and health.


@Powerpuff gorgeous as always!


Oh, gosh. Thank you, CL. I know you’re incredibly busy with very difficult things this week so that is really, really kind. Thank you. You’ve done a great job with your figure and strength training. Thinking of you.


Updated picture


Hi Girlgotguns.

What do you mean with that?

Best regards!


You mean deleting pic? I think I look too thin. But then again I am always hard on myself


What I read from here is the following: “(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)”

Anyway, I¨m sure your pic was great, haven´t seen it though…Should consider posting it again, hahah



I reposted it


Let the comments come, gulp. Feedback even bad is welcome!