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Why Don’t More Women Post?


Sorry to hear about your thyroid issues. Hopefully you get all of that back to normal.

@ women and fitness. So many women are hyper critical of their bodies. And you’re right, there’s a lot of misinformation about eating less and doing more cardio. It’s a terrible pattern to get into. Add to that an unrealistic fear of waking up and looking really masculine overnight, or women idealizing unrealistically thin pictures. So many things are WACK about women and fitness.

We see it to some extent here as well. Women who will idealize contest lean women in figure contests, without realizing that they look like that for maybe a few weeks of the year for a contest or a photo shoot, and they are posed to look a certain way, but if you saw them walking around in real life you’d see that they aren’t “perfect.”

It’s really nice to have some sense of community with women who are into resistance training. At least you’re talking the same language! There are now A LOT more women lifting at my gym, and that’s been really fun for me.

@ Ignoring advice or comments. I mostly mean for people who start a thread and then NEVER return. It’s a pet peeve. Or if someone more experienced shows up and actually takes some time to try to help, it’s nice to at least acknowledge in some way that the person read their post. Please, don’t think I mean that everybody should take the time to respond to every short post made here - That would get tedious, and sometimes it’s not possible. Even if someone starts a thread and gets a lot of advice, they can come back and say, “I read all the responses, and you’ve all given me a lot to think about.”


It makes your day! To see someone have it easier because of your help, the knowledge you gave them and had spent time gathering definitely makes you feel good.
@anon71262119 what do you think about keto? I love your username btw. :smile:


Although these days everybody seems to be into ‘thicc’ butts. You’ll see all the guys going around telling girls to only squat and so many of them take them seriously! I really just want to hit their head. Lol Surprisingly, many of these guys work out.


You’ve given me lots of advice and I made me think a lot. I’m going to cut back on cardio and gain some more weight. I want to be healthy not compete


Are you a complete beginner?
What has your routine been?
What’s your goal and ideal figure for now?


No my whole life was spoon fed everything I did because I’ve always excelled in athletics and then an eating disorder fucked my shit up


@ Usernames. Thank you!

@ Keto. I know a lot of people here like it. Personally, I don’t follow a Keto diet. I’ve had some issues with feeling a bit depressed with a low-carb approach, although my experience with that is limited. I’m talking about low mood for a few weeks, not clinical depression, but that was VERY unusual for me. I typically feel great, positive, and don’t have issues with anxiety or depression.

I like to follow something closer to the Zone macros. A lot of people here will carb cycle. Low carb days are more doable, vs Keto for me. I think it’s personal. I don’t feel as good when I drop carbs too low.



I’m continuing the road of recovery. My routine is going to change and will work it out with my cardiologist. Nothing major but take Kardia on iPhone and after I finish my workouts I email my results. I want to discuss what works for his staff


Hey, thanks. And I’m so impressed. I read that you’d come back from even having symptoms with your heart. That must have been sooo scary.

Thinking out loud here. At some point you’ll likely find a place you’re just happy to maintain. It’s a little less fun to work on maintenance goals, but IMO you look really fit and healthy where you are. It’s a matter of personal preference if you’re happy with your current level of muscle and strength. @ competing in figure - I’m the same. I considered it a few years ago, but I couldn’t see myself actually getting on a stage. I like to look like someone who is maybe 6 weeks or 2 months out from being that lean. Also, I’m done doing stuff that’s temporary. I only want to develop habits that are for the long game, that work for my life, not for an event. I have invested in some nicer tailored clothes and I want them to fit. Those kinds of goals.

For what this is worth, there are some gorgeous men here, and they can be leaner and still be healthy. Speaking for myself here. I think sometimes women imagine themselves that lean, especially if we admire a more athletic build, but the female body needs more fat to keep normal hormonal function so trying to stay carb-depleted so we don’t have any extra smoothness from water, or stay “stage lean” for a female can end up being another road to body image issues, IMO. It can be super fun to work on goals like bigger delts. And strength goals are fun. With regard to fat, since I don’t have implants, at some point I’m just dieting off my boobs so I can see definition in my thighs. It’s not a good look. wink. Haha.


Thanks for advice and you were very honest, thnx. Haha…just got lab work back while typing this, and everything perfect. Nurse said dr was so pleased he would love it if I volunteered more with people that struggle with eating disorders. That’s interesting you mention clothes. I have short legs and have spent a pretty penny on clothes. Plus, That is a hard one…donating and letting go, but then I focus on the positives that some tween might need them. I’ve had a bumpy ride but I’m 38 and no white hairs, yet. Ty for bringing me back to reality. I want to have fun and be healthy and right now I’m moving closer and closer. :hugs:


Haha I know guys are so into butts! I used to hate deadlifts, but results don’t lie…my husbands friends call me “buns and guns”. I know might sound derogatory but I find it frickin hilarious. It’s hard work and sux so many cheaters with implants, but if you eat clean and lift heavy it’ll come…maybe not as big as you want cuz of genetics, but I tease my husband one day…when he smacks me on the butt hell break his hand.


This cracked me up. Cute story about your husband. To clarify, I was talking about the more common type of implants, nearly every woman doing bikini has. I have several friends with them. Cool. My training partner is really happy with them. She was really self-conscious about her flat chest, so that’s understandable. Again, personal preference. Proportions matter. Small woman, small hips, small boobs here = Proportionate. #nattyboobsforever. Haha.

As for BOOTY implants!! We can blame Kim Kardashian!! Apparently this is a big thing in Brazil. I just can’t imagine getting fake GLUTES?!?!? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised this is a thing. Talking about body image issues, I saw a guy on one of those plastic surgery shows who had implants pretty much everywhere you’d build muscles if he just lifted weights. Ouch!! And having calf muscles reduced is a thing for women in Asia. We’re living in some strange times. Lol.

Congrats on all your lab work looking perfect. That’s a serious blessing, right there. I’m sooo grateful for my health.

Have a good day, BunsandGuns.


Implants! I got many steel implants, they hurt like hell when it is damp or cold. Those were not by choice.

One of my friend is a bikini “natural” competitor on her last show picture, it is easy to spot the one all natural in the line up of 5.

Look seem to come before health and curves (butt and boobs) for many seem to bring happiness just like new shoes can do


Nah, I prefer natural because I work hard for it. And I’m not into new shoes either. I prefer spending money on food and on concert tickets. I used to seek validation. Now I look within and have filled that empty void with motivation.


that is so good.

I found my solution to put weight on. I never had eating disorder but keeping weight on was a challenge. The joke use to be that if I was not talking I was eating.
I broke my leg, bang magic I gain 12ish pounds and I eat a lot less. I never realized how much I moved in one day.
Since the broken leg, the one coach at the gym stopped asking me if I want to do show


I’ve seen the x-rays of your hardware! OUCH.

I understand women who want to balance their figure. My training partner had AAA boobs, with much larger hips (pear) so she now has an hourglass figure. I get that.

The part that bothers me is the idea that smaller boobs require surgical intervention. That there is something wrong with a petite (or even average) figure that requires surgery to FIX.

Now we’re talking crazy talk. :slight_smile:


I had told the coach that I did not have “the look” and she say that it was easy to fix. No thanks.

I love cute shoes like hiking boots


Seriously I love my converse all stars.


Sounds rough…take care of yourself. As far as curves go, I think all women struggle at times. I almost died, so I got the shit scared outta me.


Headed to a hockey game. Have fun!