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Why Don’t More Women Post?


Portal updated is a 21.8 BMI, good? Dr said is good but for an athletic body? Just curious :hugs:


Don’t worry you won’t trigger me! Health is number 1 for me :hugs:


Thanks! I’m doing good. I took my youngest glamping over spring break. We stayed in an Airstream trailer. Very retro fun, and we had a great time.

For sure! And if your doctor says it’s good news, then awesome!

I was playing around with my BMI, thinking about your question. It’s such a vague number, right? It doesn’t take bone structure or muscle into account at all, so someone could have very large bones and LOTS of muscle and need to have a higher BMI to be healthy, have enough fat for normal hormonal function. But I think your answer is yes, that sounds healthy, particularly since you’re carrying more muscle than the average woman, and don’t appear to be really large boned to me, based on the one or two pics I’ve seen.

FYI, I have a medium bone structure and my BMI right now is 21.4 and I’m sometimes closer to 22. I’ve been just below BMI 19.9 when I was VERY lean, as in contest lean and too lean to maintain normal hormonal function, so I wouldn’t shoot for being below 20, for me personally. I hope that helps!


Don’t forget that BMI does not account for fat vs muscle mass. You can have the same BMI and be super lean with muscle or some what fat. I bet you are on the healthy fit side.


Yes that does. My hormones are back to normal. I went ten years w/o period. I have been regular for quite some time now. I am petite but with large muscles and now have feminine curves added to muscle. I understand that it is a vague question. It just sickens me I was over 40 lbs lighter. When I spoke at a local eating disorder hospital, I took two 20 lb dumbells and plopped them on the ground. I made each girl try to pick them up. It’s mind boggling how my brain had malfunctioned. I’ve been doing volunteer work which has been very satisfying. Glad you had a good spring break :hugs:


My dr will do a bone density test on me in 1.5 years. Hope that goes well! But one day at a time :hugs:


Yeah, that’s just STUNNING to imagine. Amazing work. You look so healthy and fit. Nice to know that the inside part looks good too. I hope your bone density comes out like it should.

For sure. Sometimes you see some very fine boned woman without a lot of muscle, and she could have a lower BMI and be perfectly healthy. And of course, some women are fortunate to carry more fat in all the pretty places, and so that can look great and be very healthy. So yeah, It’s very individual. BMI is really a very vague number.


Thanks hope you have a good weekend!


Works for me. I’m not a bb.


Or think of that. I am trying to get my brother to get healthier. His dr say is weight is fine. He is in the good BMI now. He is the definition of unfit and far from skinny fat. He is fat, point, but in the ok BMI range.


Oh no, I’m sorry. Best of luck helping him. I’m here if you need to bounce off anything. When ya get an eating disorder, it’s so irrational that sometimes you need to talk to someone who’s been in that “dark” place


My point is that BMI is just good at pointing the very unhealthy one, but not really relevant to those who train.


Ok, np. I understand now.


I’m in a better place than I was. I don’t feel the anger anymore because I haven’t walked in their shoes nor have they in mine. So, I just try to keep chillaxed and take it out 5 days a week on fitness, couple days a week volunteering, spend hours in the kitchen and have fun with friends and hubby when I can. I spend my “active” off days taking dogs for walks. Life is good.


I know some of the men complain that they register as overweight according BMI. Probably some of the stronger women with larger bones, too. I was thinking of it more on the low end of healthy for women, especially women who lift.

A healthy BMI is supposed to range between 18.5 to 24.9. For my height (I’m not quite 5’2"), that would mean anywhere from 101 to 135 pounds. There is NO WAY in the world I could ever be healthy with normal hormone function at 101 pounds. With my muscle and bone mass, anything under 110 isn’t something I could maintain without unsustainable dieting, waking up at night, and loosing my period.


I got down to 129lb. Too busy working, being stressed and I eat because I have too. At almost 5’8" I looked so sick, too me. I was getting praised from ladies my aged. BMI 19.6.

I made a few life changes. I work hard to get at 145 ish, I feel much better too. Food is hard for me. If I don’t make time to eat, I forget


I wasn’t planning to join this site but I found some informational stuff on the main site.
Recently found out I have super low T levels and I’ve been looking into all of this since.
I haven’t felt that the site is for men but it’s dominated by them because I doubt that even fit girls will be attracted to a play called t- nation. XD


So true. BTW, I’ve been lurking your thread about hormones trying to learn a little bit.


I used to be very active, would do 45 mins HIIT- strength and cardio but then my diet went to crap and now I have subclinical thyroid.
Are you aware about counting macros by measuring food? I’m sorry, I got lost after too many comments since I’m on mobile.
Lots of girls, in my experience, rarely want to put in effort. They’d rather just starve and do cardio(not your case judging by your pics.
I love helping out people but they rarely want to listen but I guess, since they’re here they must want to. I’m just taking a break from lecturing around about nutrition and fitness. :stuck_out_tongue:

@anon71262119 I agree with you, that it’s rude to ignore advices like that and I’ve found myself in the same place too many times.


It has been hard to keep cutting people out of my life cuz are toxic to my health and goals in life. I disappeared awhile to gain more inner strength because life can be so challenging at times. But both guys and girls here have so much information if you just read and are open. I used to get triggered easily, but now I appreciate the blunt and honest truth rather than fake compliments. I’ve found this site motivating and honest.