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Why Don’t More Women Post?


Cool Considering at one point I was 83 lbs, it made me hesitant cuz I started out “pretty” weak. But first I learned to respect myself enough to eat. Eating disorders are a nasty thing to fight. You have to take baby steps cuz your body is malnourished then you start eating slowly small meals every two hours and just everything in your body is like what’s this thing called food lol takes awhile to sort itself out. But now it’s like I’m hungreeeee! But anytime I get that itch not to eat, I remember my rock bottom, I saw a severely anorexic woman that was pregnant. I have no idea how since I went forever without my period cuz “skin and bones” but I almost puked up what little I had eaten. Where were her priorities…wait what about me, I’m hurting others around me, too. Yeah I’ll do more reading. Thanks everyone


Can’t take creatine cuz on a med that I have to worry about dehydration and dr said nope to it. Yeah, as usual in hindsight I recognize my noobishness lol. Glad I made ya laugh


when I started lifting, at the age of 19, I weighed about 125 lbs, and I was 5’10. I remember I could barely bench an empty bar, I DEFINITELY couldn’t bench 100, or even squat it. We all start somewhere. I’ve put on about 70 lbs of bodyweight since then, so I’m familiar with the road you’re traveling. But from a male perspective instead :wink: Lifting changed my life, and it’s very encouraging anytime I see new members here who are experiencing similar things!


Looking good Guns. You should start a training log. IMO it’s the best way to interact on these forums for a variety of reasons.

  1. If you have any issues with weights or diet, it’s easier for people to help as they have more information on your previous training and eating.

  2. You can post form checks in the log and progressively get better.

  3. It can inspire other people to work towards getting a fit bod or stronger lifts if they see you working hard.

  4. It can develop your relationships with people on this site. Most of the people who visit my log I would be more than happy to catch up with IRL.

  5. I’m sure there are more but I’m stopping here :stuck_out_tongue:


Agree. The other sub forums have their place, but the best thing for someone to do in general is start a log, and start following other logs. If you want advice from someone, tag them in your log; most of the elders will respond if you tag them to ask a question,



Here’s me. I posted and deleted just working on self respect and got shy ya know


If you’re asking why don’t more women post in this sub forum? I’m not sure.

Could be from what Chris mentioned. Probably is.

Perhaps they have other things in life they are occupied with, and their focus has shifted. Normal stuff.

Personally, I don’t post here, because I don’t really like to post here, and I don’t really care to post here. I get more help and tips from the guys in the training log forum than I would in here.


Ty for advice. Appreciated :grinning:


The thing is, my workouts are not consistent, and main reason I don’t have a trainer. I’m not a cardio bunny but sometimes I’ll do legs and do a tempo run afterwards and come home and vacuum staircase with my legs trembling. I swear for about 2 hours they are like jello. Then I usually start cooking or baking since I’m a trash compactor, and will be on my feet for awile. But next day no doms. I don’t even use a foam roller. But do have a question. How come I can do tons of pushups when I’m say bored watching something on tv and just can’t sit still…but not as much as I’d like to bench? Is it cuz I usually do full body workouts on bench days and usually start with deadlifts to get my whole body going. Oh, I spend 10 min warming up and then stretch for about 3-5 minutes. I really mix things up so I don’t plateau, get bored, or have to be inside closed doors all the time. I know I’m a noob but I really never stick to a plan. What’s really hard is rest days so I walk my dogs, and usually make elaborate meals.



Great pic, I´m sure it will be inspiring for other girls around. Just keep it comming!

Best regards from Europe!


Haha, pic was hard to take propped up iPhone on hair dryer and hit timer lol


Whatever, still great! :smile:


Aww ty. It was hard to get the nerve to post, but I feel other woman “might” see you can overcome an eating disorder and build a shell of armor around yourself leaving your old friends and “their lunchtime splurge of an apple” behind. Anything is possible and I don’t know if I can post a before pic cuz a was “all skin and bones”. Repulsive. Hopefully, some peeps liked those clothes I donated. Lol


I can’t definitively answer your question but I have had a similar experience. Last year my squat wasn’t increasing as much as I’d liked and I was getting severe DOMS from squatting just once per week. I increased the squatting frequency to every gym session (3 times a week) and did it before all other exercises. I noticed my bench especially took a hit and confirmed it when I did a couple bench sessions without squatting beforehand.

That’s not to say you will put 20kg on your bench by not deadlifting 1St, but it may explain some strength loss.


Thanks for feedback.


You should try to bench first. I don’t know how you bench but if you have proper form you should use your back. And if it’s tired because of the deadlifting well…


Sorry so long to reply. I totally mix up my routines so my body doesn’t adapt or I get bored. Instead of bench today in my routine I did reg 3x20reg push-ups, 3x20 wide pu, 3x6 triangle and 3 clap push-ups to end it. I did a split with legs am arms pm. Usually if split do upper am but I thought I’d mess around with it and today cuz couldn’t go to gym and had anxiety so I’m pooped. Thnx for feedback


Another female poster here. I skim various forums when I have time and occasionally catch up on a couple of logs, but don’t generally post, mostly because I’m not expert and so don’t have much more than a “you go girl” to offer. When I used to do the “you go” it was most often ignored. The same is true of cardio/fitness and dietary advice I’ve given - areas in which I have considerable interest and decent general knowledge, having worked in both gyms and weight loss. People often don’t respond or ever come back, and I’ve just spent how long talking about running shoes for people who overpronate or the my feelings about the utility of using music to increase pace or reps.

I will post in Off Topic when I have time to play because social stuff (people stuff) is absolutely my passion. I can’t resist a got-dumped or advice-needed thread.

I feel that the welcome I’ve received from the men here has been sincere and enthusiastic pretty much across the board. I registered at T-Nation because I had questions after discovering the site and spending a good bit of time reading old posts. I was not a lifter when I started reading the site. I am now due to Nation’s influence, but I remain primarily a runner, with weights/strength secondary.


Awesome to meet you :slight_smile: had a busy day…ugh. Yeah there is a lot of good advice here. Yeah, some posts sucker ya in, lol. Today was a total rest day cuz I was too busy to even think which isn’t that uncommon :disappointed_relieved:.