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Why Don’t More Women Post?

I know you’re out there. I’d love to hear us spread some noise. No women in my gym either. I’d love to hear what ya’ll are up to!

Thnx, Mod_Phoenix for editing my post to why don’t women post by saying this is a guy’s site. Well some guys are pussys and some women are beasts. And I’ve met some nice kick ass people here, where do you think we belong…hmmm your point was no T…well it may surprise you to know that men dont have a monopoly of testerone. Testerone belongs to a class of male hormones called androgens. But women also have testerone. The ovaries produce both testerone and estrogen. Relatively small quantities of testerone are released into your bloodstream by the ovaries and adrenal glands. These “sex” hormones are involved in the growth, maintenance, and repair of reproductive tissues. But guess what…that’s not all. They also influence other body tissues and bone mass. A hormone, yes testerone, is a chemical substance. It’s secreted by one tissue and travels by way of body fluids to affect another tissue in your body. In essence, hormones are “chemical messengers” many hormones,yes including testerone, are significant to both WOMEN and men. For women estrogen and testerone are secreted in sort bursts-pulses- which vary from hour to hour and minute to minute. So how is it women can’t be on “T nation”.

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Didn’t mean to sound pissed but I want to learn andd “grow” as a strong woman. I love my body armor cuz to some buns and guns are sexy. Some don’t…whatever. My goal is to be healthy and happy which means I’m wanting tips, lessons, feedback etc. I’ve read a lot of valuable info on this site because we all share a common interest. Transformation. I want to continue on my journey and will never allow myself to be weak again. I call it self respect.

Don´t worry, you didn´t sound “pissed”, hahaha!

Is you on your profile photo?

May be posting some of your stuff will encourage others…just saying…

All the best!

Yup that’s me. I’m 38 years young lol.

They obviously can be, and they are.

At the end of the day though, there are probably as many women posting here as there are guys posting on Shape magazine’s forum (do they have one?) And it’s for the same reason. It’s just not the primary target audience, and the information the site puts out will only be of interest to a certain percentage of the non-target audience, even if the content is equally applicable to anyone.

But from Day One, T Nation was always in favor of hard-training women, affectionately referred to as T-Vixens way back in the day. There did use to be more women who posted, but some shenanigans ensued (which won’t be discussed here again, as per basic forum policy), and they were either removed (along with some of the guys) or they decided to stop posting on their own.

We do have a good crowd of serious lifting women now. But I agree more is always better.

Not sure what this is referring to. From what I can see, Mod Phoenix only edited some Title caps. Nothing about it being a guy’s site.

Just blocked out women…how perceived

The edit history is publically viewable. This absolutely did not occur.

Um, that’s not what I said. And that’s not what happened.

Oh I thought he darkened over the words women and left t nation. Sorry if misread intent

Here I will try something.
At gym I go to it is 1/3 or 1/4 ladies. Some night I think we are 1 to 20 being the lone women in the place.
When you look at the women crowd and get the cardio bunny out and the ones who go for super high rep low weight out too. There is not many of us left.
At my gym that would be 5 at the most who lift and one of them is a coach in that gym

So now how many of this very small group you think end up here?
We are just not that big of a group.

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Very true. I’m being delusional. Thanks for the feedback. Any advice is welcome which usually comes from guys. As I said in another post, i fell for the what’s popular and not healthy. Life is all about learning lessons thanks.

I can start a fun discussion on comments and advice I get at the gym. Most from ladies. Sarcasm is very easy for me.
I have to say that as most women are terrified of becoming big, there advise are not very helpful. I admire there patience hours of slow cardio and millions of reps.
I have no patience for slow long boring stuff and love hard physical work. I am not normal according to most

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I’m definitely missing something here. I can think of a dozen or more women who post regularly on this site. If you look at my own post history, you can see I have been around awhile and contribute regularly in discussions of all sorts. I can’t remember a single instance of interactions between men and women on this forum when a male poster made disparaging remarks about a woman posting here. It doesn’t happen. I certainly agree that it would be awesome to see more women posting on this site, but the quality of posts from our regular female posters is excellent, to say the least. I really think it would be awesome to see more female competitors who do strongman posting, since that’s my primary area of interest. Most of the female lifters on here that I’m familiar with who actually compete, do so in powerlifting. I don’t know where your interests lie, but if you stick around for a bit, I’m sure you’ll start to recognize all the female powerlifters, like Spock and Ouroboro who make fantastic, regular contributions here.

I’ve never, ever seen this said on this website. at all. that’s a ridiculous assertion to make.


Hi Flip. Hope you’re well.

To the thread.

The Powerful Women and Figure forums have been pretty dead for a long time. I’m sure I started this conversation in the PCOS thread, grousing a bit about it.

If a woman comes to TN, and starts a thread in one of these forums, there’s a good chance that they’ll get very little to no response. Conversely, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to answer someone’s question, taken the time to make a substantial post, and the person who started the thread never comes back to interact at all. Just nothing. I recall this woman starting a thread about Diastasis Recti and I felt a bit like an idiot for taking 20 minutes to answer her questions, only to hear crickets. Once a couple of days have passed, or I can see that they’ve been here but aren’t going to respond, I’ll often just delete my response.

I know this happens quite a bit in the Beginner’s Forum, so bless you guys with the patience to try to give advice there. There’s absolutely nothing to gain in that for more advance people, except some satisfaction in trying to help someone. We had a thread about forum etiquette one time in the Beginnner’s Forum. Anyway, I think it’s basic courtesy in a forum to come back and at least push a like button, say thank you, or some way acknowledge the fact that someone tried to help you. Or, maybe I’m just old and grouchy. This is possible.

TN at one time had Dani and Bron answering questions, or attempting to keep the Figure Athlete Forum alive. I assume both were paid or sponsored by Biotest to have threads there to try to have some experienced women, grow that part of the site, and to steer people toward the their products. This is a supplement site, so fine. That was helpful in my opinion. There hasn’t really been critical mass in terms of enough women here to keep that forum active in forever. I think it’s been a couple of years at least since we had a female figure-oriented log besides my old logs.

@girlgotguns. My advice if you want to talk to some of the women here, is to follow some of their logs. About half of the active women posters here do not regularly venture out of their training logs, so they’re unlikely to come over to this forum and talk to you unless you tag them so they’ll see your thread. As Flip mentioned, most are PLers, but there are a couple of people like Jamie or Countrygirl who are more general fitness, lifting for health and body comp oriented. Maybe start your own log, and follow the logs of women who are have similar goals. The women who are here have all been very nice, supportive.


It was an edit I thought because it was blocking out the women part I misperceived. Sorry. Honestly, I don’t know what direction I want to go but just really enjoy learning. I just like pushing myself. What I really care about is my health and that’s number one and loving life. I haven’t posted my one max rep lifts or anything cuz bench over 100 (including a 45 bar)I don’t want to hear what’s your proof you’re full of bs what exactly. I am me and Believe me or not I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. And I do tempo runs, sprints, and intervals so I mix everything up even cardio. I just enjoy kicking ass especially mine for not respecting myself. And I don’t take steroids or creatine or hgh or anything just dedication, nutrition and genetics

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Ty for the advice. I really love the fact I can grunt in the gym and not care…or sweat and not have to worry about mascara running lol. I have been working on myself for awhile just so embarrassed I used to be a skinny anorexic twig

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Killer post from Powerpuff that covered a lot of ground. Thanks.

This is definitely off-topic, but…

that’s like saying “I don’t drink gasoline or milk or cat urine.” One of those things is not like the others.

Based on your other posts, it definitely sounds like you have some info and perspective to share, so posting in more threads that catch your attention is a great way to get the ball rolling.


Yeah her post was great. As I said I appreciate advice. Thank you all so much.

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Yep. I understand. Nice to have you here. There are at least a couple of women here have dealt with eating disorders, and are now more focused on strength or fitness.

@ Worrying about posting your lifts. People are generally supportive in the Training Log section. If you bench over 100 pounds? Yeah, that’s not going to get anyone busting your chops or pressuring you to put up video proof. Now, if you’re lifts were breaking world records, people might think you’re a troll. Haha.

Some people put up video to get form advice, and that can be super helpful but it’s not required to put up pictures or videos in your log unless you want to. You can crop out your face in pictures, or only put up video that doesn’t show your face. Of course, it makes it more fun for all of us to see what people are doing, and to get excited about someone’s PR or progress. Jamie puts up lots of beautiful food pics in her training log.

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LOL @ gasoline comment :rofl::rofl: