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Why Doesn't God Allow Tebow...


To switch to a TE? He's like a new&improved tony gonzalez. Or even a full-back; he could be the most dynamic full-back ever seen.

i don't get it, because I really hope he has success in his professional sports career, I just don't get why this it's a big deal for him? I wouldn't really consider a switch 'giving up', Timmy..


I feel the same way in that I hope he has success. But he is to slow to play TE or even Fullback IMO.


A person with Tim's faith doesn't need to rely on speed to win games. His correlation with accuracy certainly proves that point, wouldn't you say?


Maybe any position besides the QB position isn't kosher enough for christianity?


In the NFL speed and accuracy are pretty Important he has neither.


So what do you propose he does?


I think he has potential to be a coach. I hope he can find success in NE even though unless Brady goes down he has zero shot of playing QB. But I do feel after what he did In Denver and he deserved a shot as a starting QB of a team.


In a read-option system?


I don't know if I fully understand what your asking. Tebow doesn't belong in the NFL as a player under any system. If he doesn't make it with the pats he will never play anywhere in the NFL.


Maybe he could be the first male cheerleader in NFL history.


Lets never ever refer to Tim Tebow as a new and improved Tony Gonzalez ever again.


No. Just stop


Well he is better than buttfumble Sanchez. But that isn't saying much.


If i was an arena league or CFL owner i would sign Tebow in a second to play QB. Even if (when) he sucks, the publicity and income generated from having him on the team is worth it.


I do not know why people feel sorry for Tebow.
He is a Heisman trophy winner.
Top 5 best college QB's of all time.
First round draft pick.
Multi Millionaire.

Even when his career comes to an end he would have ZERO trouble landing a 6 figure job somewhere even though I'm sure he would pass that up and go into ministry somewhere.

He isn't an NFL caliber QB no matter how much you like the guy as a person.
Switching positions once you're already at the NFL level, especially from QB, is extremely difficult.


^this, plus its a slap in the face to TE's like Gonzales and Witten who work hard at their position.


Think about how many STUDS there are already in the NFL, CFL, arena League, practice squads or at the D1 level who have played TE or FB their entire lives.
Just because Tebow switched positions it wouldn't make him automatically better than all of them.


He wouldnt and that is what is funny to anybody who knows football.

Guy has played QB since Peewee, and to think you can just plug him in at TE or FB does not understand the complexity of the NFL. They are not drawing plays in the dirt with a stick.


I beg to differ. I think some teams are drawing plays in the dirt with a stick... haha


Lol. Leave the Raiders alone their owner died