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Why Doesn’t Anastrozole Work as an AI to Decrease Estradiol?


I’ve been using that Calcium-d Glucarate. Started another cycle, however, this time the cycle was started with much higher initial Anastrazole does. I posted the lab below.


I hope that didn’t cost you very much. You got almost no testosterone benefit from the hCg. I mean, 847 to 885 is basically a rounding error.


I agree. The HCG troches are worthless. For the second cycle (in progress), I’m using the HCG injections. Will have labs done around the first week of March.


Well they’re not worthless, they just won’t raise your testosterone while you’re taking exogenous testosterone. They’re good at their intended purpose, which is to keep your testes functioning while you’re on test. But they’re not going to work for you in the setup you’ve got.