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Why Does TRT Cause Sleep Apnea/Snoring?

Since starting TRT (7 months in) my partner says I have been snoring way more, regardless of the position I sleep in. Ive read that sleep apnea and snoring is common or men on TRT. what is the reason/physiology behind this?

What’s your weight difference between pre trt and today? Because for like 99% of men trt adds weight to your frame, and even good weight in the form of muscle can cause apnea. That’s precisely what made my apnea come back.

TRT has given me better sleep, lucid dreams and at times shes budged me to make me adjust due to snoring. My theory is that I go into repair mode while I sleep hence why I recover faster and dont feel tired during the day. I lost 10lbs of fat and gained 10lbs of muscle in the last year. As mentioned earlier, the added weight could be the issue. Thats not my problem though since Im actually leaner more muscular, and weigh the same, Im scheduling myself for a tonsillectomy in order to rid myself of the snoring before considering a cpap.