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Why Does T Deepen Women's Voices, Not Men's?

Just a random thought I had.

T, at any point in time, given to a women for FTM transformation, deepen their voices.
Why doesn’t it do the same for men?

I get it that men are on a different level, but shouldn’t T eventually also change their voice, at least in higher quantities?

My wifes voice is not lower but it sure is fucking louder since I got her hormones tuned up haha but its worth it. Shes as wet and tight now as in her 20s

Who said it doesn’t?

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My wife’s voice has not changed at all. Now, take a Belarusian weightlifter, age 18, weight class 69k (152 lbs) who clean & jerked 140k (308 lbs), with traps bulging underneath a tight sweater, facial hair, yeah, that is going to be a deep voice. I was right next to her in an elevator.

Probably a slightly heavier dose…

I’ve googled as I was interested in this question, and all sources I found basically said “once you hit puberty, your (male) voice is set”.

E.g. This one but other sources claimed the same.

I can say with some certainty that mine got deeper and it was already deep. I think the thinking is that the higher T pushes you towards your genetic potential. I guess I was meant to have a deeper voice but my puberty didn’t get me there. Guessing here though. Some guys get much hairier some just a bit. Some guys dicks grow a bit. Again, I think it has to do with your genetic potential.

Lmao!!! Mine grows a lot better now, but it still shrinks back down after the deed is done! Lol

There are a few guys on here who added some girth, myself included. Its also larger when flaccid.

That’s normally an indication my hormones are in a good place, larger penis, but has it really enlarged?, or is it a false positive. I know when my hormones are out of whack my dick shrinks and becomes much thinner flaccid, but once I get a 100% erection its the same size as it always has been my adult life.

Is there truth to what you just posted? Cause of thats the case when ure on gear your dick would grow with all the extra test rught?

It does deepen voice in males.