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Why Does My Butt Lift Up First During Deadlift?

What muscle is weak, or is it a mental que problem?

Thank you

bad starting position or weak hamstrings/glutes usually. didn’t watch the drop box but thats generally the issue when a butt raises up.

You try cues first and if you find the weight doesn’t move then you drop weight and practice form whie addressing the weakness.

You don’t just attack quads/hams and hope it goes away

The weights in those videos are too light to really evaluate your form since it looks like it took very little effort. But what I see in the first video is that you are trying to start with your hips too low and your hips rise before the bar leaves the floor. That’s not exactly a wrong way to deadlift, but your hips also rise too fast when the bar leaves the floor and it looks like your heels almost loose contact with the ground. I get the impression that you aren’t tight enough, and you definitely need to keep the weight back on your heels. Consciously push through your heels. Also, learn to use your lats. Watch some “how to deadlift” videos on youtube, Chris Duffin has a few and the supertraining ones with Ed Coan are good too.

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Here’s my feedback, take it or leave it.

  1. empty your damn pockets before you deadlift.

2). Add enough weight to the bar to make your form matter. 80% or more of your 1rm of this is irrelevant.

3). Let the hips rise. A deadlift isn’t a squat with the bar in your hands. Watch Andy boltons 5 deadlift tips video. Hips higher is fine.

4). Stop the thousand step set up. Learn to step up, set up, and lift.

Do these and we can try this again.


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I reccomend take it. This dudes crazy strong :wink:

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didnt read above comments so if I am repeating others I apologize. But biggest thing I see is that you are you are rushing your set up. trying to just yank the bar rather than pulling the bar. You arent really setting your lats in and trying to get your weight over or behind the bar. This is also causing you to get pulled forward. You will notice your shoulders get pulled forward and you also will see really clearly that your heels actually come off the ground where you are pulled onto your toes so hard.


This isn’t my mr, but since I’m doing it horrible ill just drop to 145 and really get the hips right. Along with making sure that I just step up and go!

One last thing, during the cocentric portion am i flexing my glutes once i reach the top or try as best to flex it as im going up

The eccentric portion is when the weight is coming down. The second part of this question makes no sense if we’re talking about eccentrics.

Ca you clarify please?

mb i ment cocentric

Okay so i hope this is progress?

I put it back in the folder.

There appears to be a whole lotta nothing in your video. Fix your post.

The Bolton vid is gold. Watch it. Now.

idk why the site tries to convert the video, i put it into the folder instead

You emptied your pockets! Good! Now, get some music in some headphones that won’t make you fall asleep while lifting. lol.

Anyway, that looks a lot better however you’re starting with your shins too far from the bar, this means that you’re pulling up instead of back and when the bar clears your knees it’s too far from you legs so it has to drift back toward you. Horizontal movement of the bar in the deadlift is ineffecient. Re-watch the bolton vid, he specifically talks about that point and how his shins touch the bar when he sets up. You do what he says not to and let your shins touch when you bend down because you’re sitting down not back.

Amusingly more weight would help with that issue since it would allow you to sit back and down to setup without falling over.

Much better though.

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You still need weight on the bar for a meaningful discussion.

For me anyway, my form tightens up as I get into heavy work sets and as I get warmed up and my CNS if firing. Then weaknesses come out as I get above 85% of my max.

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Exactly what I said at the beginning of this thread. He needs to add weight for it to matter.

Okay, i was trying to avoid bloody shins however ill fix it and give an update next deadlift session!

That weight is around 30% of my rm, I just didn’t record heavier sets. I was just trying to focus on form.