Why does it take two days for me to be sore?

Hello all, Historically after a really good training session it takes me two days to start to feel sore? Why two days? I trained legs and squatted 10 sets of 10 reps with a weight that was fairly difficult for me to do. I thought I would not be able to walk the next day, but it was two days before I really began to feel sore. Why? Any educated thoughts?

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) tends to peak 12-48 hours after a training session. DOMS is just another one of those things that is completely variable from person to person. No one is actually really clear as to what the actual physiologic mechanisms that cause soreness are so I can’t really give you a solid scientific answer for why you get sore on day 2 and some other guy gets sore on day 1. It just has to do with how much muscle damage occured, rates of protein turnover, etc.

It’s called D.O.M.S. Delayed Onset of Muscle Sorness. As to why I dont really know, maybe its not the tears in the myofibrils that make you sore but all of the activity of stem cells and chemicals that come about to heal the tears that make you sore.

it’s called D.O.M.S. (delayed onset muscle soreness) do a search on the internet and read about it. but to ease your mind, it happens to everyone ! (i take it you’re a newbie, by reading your article)

depends on the individual, after a tough wo, my brother will hurt about 24 hrs later i tend to feel it around 36 hrs.

Thanks for all the replies. I have been training for about 5 years, but in the las year I have become more dedicated to the cause. I have seen the abbreviation D.O.M.S. but did not know what it ment. Till now. Thanks for the good advice, now that I know what I am looking for I will search the archives.