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Why does injection time matter?

I hear all the time about injection times that they need to be 45 seconds. Why? Because it allows the substance whatever it may be to disperse evenly. I would like to see the study or some hard evidence / references showing that it truly makes a difference. It might help the pain put I honestly don’t notice much difference that would relate to the amount of time it takes to inject AS.

This “I want a study” thing is taken to
way too much of an extreme lately. Yes, it’s
a very valid argument when it comes to cases
where someone is making a dubious claim
with no real evidence, but it makes no
sense for things which 1) are readily tested
for yourself, and 2) no one is going to
finance a study for.

Go inject 3 cc with a 21 gauge, pushing it
in just as fast as you can.

Next week, try using a 25 gauge and let it
take a couple of minutes.

Case closed, end of story.

Besides this absolute proof, I’m surprised
it’s not obvious that if you inject 3 cc
within seconds through a needle embedded
in muscle fibers, a lot of pressure is
going to be generated in the muscle at
the very least, and more likely the oil
simply cannot leave the injection site
as fast as it is provided, but rather
the muscle must open up a cavity within
to hold the oil. I mean, imagine injecting
it into an uncooked steak… your muscle
tissue is quite similar. Whereas, if
you inject slowly, the oil can seep away
without any substantial pressure buildup
and no cavity formation.

But the main thing is, go try it both ways.
End of story! You don’t need a “study” and
if a study gave you a different answer, you
could know for yourself that the study was
wrong. [end of rant]

Actually, with regard to the test described below, for a fair test, both injections
should be with the 21 gauge – however, it’s
much easier to keep injection time under
control with the 25 gauge. And
if you’re willing to take the 2 minutes to
inject, then you ought to use 25 gauge

But if
one really wants to study the effects of
injection speed on induced pain, the needle
size should be the same so as not to have
other confounding variables.

Well put Bill. I agree with what you are saying. These people come to the forum to gain information from experts that they could not get anywhere else, (and it’s for free I might add), they once they get an answer, they question it. Maybe it’s because they don’t like the answer they received, maybe it’s just because they’re ass holes. You’re an expert in this field and are not getting paid for your expertise on these subjects, and these people don’t appreciate it. Well I appreciate it, even thought I don’t get an answer a lot of the times, your advice has helped me make tremendous gains and allowed me to pass on your advice to other who DO appreciate it. Show me a study on the appreciation for those at T-Mag. Especially considering all the crap that they have to put up with. VB

I second Vince B opinion. To Bill, Brock and the other t-mag writers that take time to respond to our messages. Thank you. As vince said we do not have to pay for your time or advice and everyone should know that time is money and someone who has very little time is worth a lot more. Some individuals just like to argue. I spend a lot of time reading everything i can and it amazes me that so many under qualified individuals are willing to either give advice or question advice from someone who is qualified. Thanks for the help it’s what makes t-mag.

yes…these guys are knowledgeable. but I don t think their selfesteem is so low that they either want or need you kissing their asses.I just thought I d share that with you.

See what I mean…some people.

Vince, can you please kiss my butt too?

See, they just can’t keep their childish mouths shut. And so it continues…