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Why Does HCG Increase Penile Size but Not Clomid

I keep reading forum posts about how hcg increases your size by a cm or 2… but why dont i read the same studies and posts about nolva or clomid.

Is there scientific reasoning behind this? Or is it broscience and they both can.

I understand hcg mimics lh and fsh, while clomid makes your brain do the work

HCG increases testicular size when they are atrophied. It doesn’t increase penile size.

It does not increase the size of your penis. If you have shrunken testicles due to atrophy, it will help with the atrophied testicles. Your penis will not grow.

I had read a study in people from 18 to 50 us9ng hcg to finish up penis growth that dod not occur dur8mg puberty for one reason or the other. On average they gained 5cm… on a 1500iu dose 3x a week for 12 weeks. Ill try to find the article

Ummm… did you read that article? Only works if you have a micropenis that was caused from a lack of GnRH during development. Hcg will do absolutely nothing for penis size if you are a normal adult or a post pubertal young person.

Also, to clarify (because I do respect accuracy lol), HCG ONLY mimics leutenizing hormone (LH), not follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). If you want to mimic both LH and FSH, you need to use human menopausal gonadotropin (HMG).

If you wanted to use a GnRH, then you would use triptorelin.

So hypothetically, if you get a concussi9n durimg adolescent that affects the hpta and hinders sex hormone production…
Although you finish develop9mg, it may not be your max since the hpta axis was himdered a small amount.

This is the logic im coming from

First off, not sure what kind of concussion you are getting that is going to disrupt your HPTA, I have never heard of that. If you’re going with hypothetical, much more likely that you would get some sort of trauma to your actual testes that would screw up that biofeedback loop. And in either case it still wouldn’t help, per the study the HCG was only helpful in 1. people that had a micropenis, meaning 2.5 standard deviations below the mean, this is not “oh my dick is smaller than average”, your penis is like 2 or 3 inches erect and 2. it was caused by a very specific type of hypogonadism not just HTPA disruption in general. So no, HCG will not make your penis larger.

I suspect he is alluding to ‘pan hypo pituitarism’ which is across-the -board low pituitary secretions usually caused by significant head trauma. The bony edge of the sella turcica part-separates the pitiutary from the hypothalamus during coup/contracoup events.

Thanks, good to know. I assumed that being relatively deep brain structures that the hypothalmus and pituitary gland were unlikely to be functionally affected by head trauma, even if your brain is getting tossed around a bit in a contracoup injury. I have also never heard of this, but don’t doubt its validity. Still though, hcg is probably not going to make your penis larger in that scenario (or any reasonable one for that matter) at least if you are going off of that study on a very specific subset of a subset of a population.

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Well I have used HCG and HMG myself on many occasions, however it never affected my penis size, only my testicles. And yes, it is perfectly possible to increase the size of ones testicles - to the point of extreme hypertrophy lol.

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Same here, used HCG numerous times and it does not make your penis bigger. Never used HMG but have used clomid which does similar things (causes increased LH and FSH by a different mechanism, not mimicking the actual hormone in your leydig or sertoli cells) and it also increases the size of your testes.

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The pituitary gland as said by my brain surgeon is very fragile and is easy to damage with head injury, it is on the base of a long stem in your brain.

Thank you for your replies, this is a great discussion and something new to the scientific world that needs attention, but this question still needs some explanation. Very new research has uncovered that concussions and head trauma will slowly decrease or stop hpta temporarily. This is from a published article.

My concussion , i was in a coma for a few days, and i am still recovering motor skills over a year later… but my point being… if concussions can make the hpta inefficient as a result no matter what size the head blow, then it causes a decrease in hormones similar to those with hypogomadism as a child that require hcg to get through puberty.

If you need gh, sex hormones, testosterone , etc to finish puberty, then someone with head trauma in their teenage years did not have sufficient hormomes to finish growth. Can someone confirm this is not true?

So if i have been hindering hpta throughout my puberty years, then i never fully developedy secondary growth characteristics. Which is where hcg may come into play. This isnt just about penis size but overall growth and health. Here are links:


It is definitely an area of study that needs more elucidation, and I was not aware of possibility of temporary, or maybe even long term disruption of HPTA from concussions. But… I would take some of those studies with a grain of salt, one was a single person retroactive study with no control for numerous factors (had prior undiagnosed concussions, only used the Tanner scale for pediatric development which is the bare minimum and inaccurate in a lot of cases) . The other study is slightly more compelling, but also acknowledges that some of those factors might be mediated by signaling for adrenal hormones, not directly affecting sex hormone secretion at all.

Also no is going to be able to confirm if “this is not true” for your case, because it is proving a negative. I am not sure how old you are, but you probably have finished developing your secondary sex characteristics. And if anything the second article you implied should use replacement therapy (actual testosterone, not HCG) if you have diminished function from pituitary trauma as a result of injury. But anyway, there is relatively no harm in trying HCG, I strongly doubt it will do anything for penis size, just get bloods and make sure you conrol e2 while on it. In fact before you even think about practicing any of this in relatity, you should probably get blood work done to see where you are hormonal level wise.


Thanks guys, yes id like to give hcg a try, however im on clomid right now to see if i can hpta restart.

How much harm would i be doing to the hpta system by usimg clomid while on hcg.

Would i run the risk of stopping effectivemess of clomid by taking hcg with or without clomid?

This thread is growing wings!

If you are looking to improve the rate of your motor skills recovery, might I suggest certain nootropics?

Oxiracetam will help reinforce motor learning.

A good ACH source (Alpha GPC, centrophenoxine, CDP cholin) will help keep the CNS ‘powered up’ whilst you practice your motor tasks, delaying the onset of CNS/motor end plate fatigue.

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I would continue with the clomid and then take a break, whilst you run a comparative trial of HCG. That way you can more clearly differentiate between the effects of the different compounds.

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Im going to do some research on this compound, it has been a long time coming for me to regain a lot of capability and brain power i had prior to the accident.

Ive been on dr. Prescrined clomid for 8 months now. How much longer would i look at running clomid…

Also how long should i run hcg? Im thinking 12 weeks to see if there are any impacts.

Im just worried thst if i switch to hcg my hpta will shutdown hormone production completely, or damage its ability to

RowsUpright: Your argument (per the study the HCG was only helpful in 1. people that had a micropenis) is flawed. The study only included people that had a micropenis. This is in no way an indication that hcg will only work on those with a micropenis. A study with men with varying penile lengths would need to be done in order to reach a conclusion.

It was only demonstrably helpful in those with a micropenis, which makes sense given the condition was caused by lack of GnRH. Until there is evidence it effects people with normal penile development and morphology, it would be presumptive and foolish to assume it did.
Anecdotally, enough people with a normal penis have done long courses of HCG, either by prescription for TRT or fertility or other reasons, or illicitly for body building purposes, don’t you think at least one, or several of them would have reported this side effect, or a Dr. prescribing it would have taken note of it in a patient?