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Why Does Coconut Oil Give Me A Stomach Ache?


every time i each coconut oil i eat about 2-3 spoon fulls and it always give me a stomach ache. it makes my stomach very upset and today it made me throw up all the food i had eaten with it. it also gives me a slight head ache.

am i allergic to it? it is Nature's Way Organic Coconut Oil


How big are the spoonfuls? If it is 3 TBS that can be 45 grams of fat added to the meal.


You could be allergic

It's rancid.

Its old.


Stop using it, and try it with olive oil for a couple of weeks, switch back and see what happens. Go see a doctor to see if you are allergic.


Had the same problem. Turns out I had an issue with gastrointestinal fungal (candida)overgrowth. Coconut oil kills it off really quickly and makes you feel like crap.

Or it could be something else. Might be something to look into though.


Have you tried eating it with food instead of just taking it by itself?


3 spoonfuls is a fucking shit load of fat at one time. Stick to a tablespoon and see how that works out. A TABLESPOON, not a spoonful.

or just cook eggs with it.


yes i was taking it with food, i took 3 table spoons. the expiration date says april 2013. i took 2 tbsp. of EVOO today with food no problem.

how do i know if its rancid? also what makes it go rancid?

alir are you still unable to eat coconut oil?


I was under the impression 3 tbsp would be ~27g of fat.

No problem with that.. if its what you are aiming at macro wise..

As far as your stomach is concerned.. just stop if it makes you feel like shit everytime.. how hard is this to figure -.-


well i just wanted to know WHY it was making me feel sick.


according to Nature's Way site, 3 tbsp is 42g of fat. Not only is that a shit load of fat at one time, but it is all in oil form. I don't know about you, but if I had 42g fat from a pizza versus 42g fat of olive oil or something, they would have drastically different effects on how I feel.


and you would shit your pants if it was olive oil lol


ive taken 3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil no problem before its just the coconut oil thats giving me shit.

ive read a little on google about it and basically since its anti-fungal and anti-microbial it might give you an upset stomach. im gonna take 1 tbsp at a time and it should build my tolerance. ill post back later.


coconut oil is quite a bit "heavier" than olive oil for lack of a better term. i imagine it would be like eating 3 tbsp of butter. that would feel like a brick in my stomach.


i dont keep it refrigerated so its like a wet slushie.


Have you tried drinking coconut milk or eating some coconut flakes? If that doesn't make you feel sick, chances are you are not allergic to coconut.

Could be too much at once, or maybe it is rancid. You can't always go by the expiration date. Maybe the shipment was exposed to a lot of temperature changes or something. When I lived in Florida, I had multiple instances of buying a carton of milk with a week or more to go before the expiration date, only to open it at home and find it had long since gone bad.


I can eat it fine now. If that is your problem, coconut oil is great for treating it. You just need to ramp it up slowly. Figure out how much you can tolerate and take it multiple times throughout the day. After a few days try taking a bit more whenever you're feeling brave :). As long as you don't overdo upping it too fast you shouldn't puke or feel too bad.

Of course if it is something else I don't want to be advising you to take something you can't handle. I think the best thing to do would be try a smaller dose and see how you feel.


By the way, coconut oil is an extremely stable oil because it's high percentage of saturated fat. I seriously doubt that the oil is rancid; now that I can handle it I've had some that I quite literally had for years that was still fine.


1)Try another brand.

2)Try a lesser ammount.

3)Stop using coconut oil if symptoms persist.

4)If symptoms are apparent with many types of fat-containing foods and not just coconut oil, seek help from your doctor.

This isn't rocket science.


3 tblspoons at once is quite a bit.....why not just try 1 Tbl and see if you have the same reaction? I personally use Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, never had any issue with it.

When bulking I put 2 Tbl EVOO, 1 Tbl Coconut Oil in my shakes and I was fine, but the shakes were also well over 1000 calories, so maybe that lessened the hit.


I've eaten up to 4tbsp of coconut oil. my digestion as evidenced by CDSA (comprehensive diagnostic stool analysis) is very poor due to overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria. I can tolerate coconut oil just fine, but before i went on nystatin for candida overgrowth from antibiotic abuse, the coconut oil upset my stomach a lot, bloating, diarrhea.

You could blame it on the oil form and fat content , however you could also argue it is due to its antibacteria, antifungal, antiyeast properties associated with lauric and caprylic acid.