Why does Centrum suck?


It’s got 100% iron. Taking several would make it go from bad to worse!

Paul, sell them on E-Bay. Or to someone you know.

Centrum Silver doesn’t have any iron in it.

FYI: I did a similar test and dropped a Centrum into a cup of warm water. It was totally dissolved 10 minutes later. I’m not saying that proves a damn thing, rather, that NEITHER of our tests proved anything.

damn, I put broccoli in a cup of water, and it’s four days later and it still hasn’t dissolved. I’m definitely not eating this crap anymore :wink:

Paul, taking multiple tablets will depend on the amount of A,E,and K which are lipid soluble and can become highly toxic. So you have to make sure you’re not overdoing these vitamins.

I also agree that dropping the tablet in water tells you nothing about absorption. That’s the same reason that stupid “fat trapper” infomercial makes no sense. Our bodies are much more complicated than a glass of water (Damn evolution!).

What counts is how it dissolves in your gut. There are so many better products on the market, that Centrum users almost deserve what they get or don’t get.