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Why does Canada suck so bad?

Hey, just a frustrated Canadian here, who can’t seem to get his hands on some Mag-10, at least not without worrying about our stupid Customs holding onto it for a few months, until they realize it’s for personal use only. At least this is what I’m hearing anyways. Why does Canada have to be such a cry baby about this stuff? And why when I live so close to a big city like Toronto, can I not find a nutrition store with some of the stuff to sell me? I want a crack at Mag-10 just like our friends south of the border…NOT FAIR! I’m done crying now…later!

Your country is a socialist state. They are into protecting everyone from themselves. The state knows best what’s good for you. Just give them 50% (or more)of your income in taxes and like a parent they’ll take care of you from cradle to grave. If you don’t like it start voting aginst it.

And that’s exactly why we want to separate from Canada;) I’ve found plenty of places in Montreal that sell Mag-10. If you dont want to risk ordering the product from the states here’s what you do. Go to NON-FRANCHISE supplement shops. For a lack of a better term “hard-core” shops will carry it. You usually just have to ask for it because they dont put it on the shelves for obvious reasons. And if you still cant find any you could always join the dark side and move to the Republic of Quebec =)

I’m a Canadian, i live close to Toronto and I’m on my second bottle of Mag-10. Just order right from biotest.
And to Frenchy from Quebec I think you’ve got it wrong. You don’t want to separate from us but rather we want to separate from you.
I could do without Quebec. Actually lets just take down the boarder and call it Ontario.
I’m sick of having to learn french in school just because of you guys and sick of reading a french label on something of french instructions. Learn to speak English. You are not in France.

Calm down now boys(or girls),this is not supposed to evolve into a cat fight over seperation.This is a Training/Nutrition forum and all i want(being from Canada)is to find out an easier way to get my hands on supplements that truly work.As far as the person from Quebec,can you maybe pass on a reference,contact or email of how to get some mag-10 or other prohormone from one of these suppliers that you speak of?

There’s a supp store downtown Toronto that sells Mag-10 for $200 ea. That’s if you’re in TO.
There’s a couple of hyme dealers in quebec selling for that price to.
go to www.trainersnutritionstore.com and this guy will ship it saying ‘naturopathic remedy’ good price to.

You are one dumb shit. I was teasin when I wrote that post, that should have been obvious with the winks and smiles. Not to mention, is says a lot about someone who doesnt want to learn more than one language.

Jason, how long did it take for your order of Mag-10 to arrive from Biotest? I’m in Toronto and just ordered last week. Here’s the FedEx tracking results so far. (Today is May 28)

Package status MISSISSAUGA CA        05/27/2002 06:46 Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay
Package status TORONTO CA            05/27/2002 03:59 Package to be cleared by FedEx
Package status MISSISSAUGA CA        05/27/2002 03:17 Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay
Package status MISSISSAUGA CA        05/27/2002 03:16 Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay
Package status TORONTO CA            05/24/2002 14:23 Pkg held for duties and/or taxes
Package status MISSISSAUGA CA        05/24/2002 10:22 Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay
Package status MISSISSAUGA CA        05/24/2002 10:01 Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay
Package status MISSISSAUGA CA        05/24/2002 10:00 Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay
Arrived at FedEx Ramp MISSISSAUGA CA 05/24/2002 07:32 
Package status MISSISSAUGA CA        05/24/2002 03:52 Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay
Package status MISSISSAUGA CA        05/24/2002 03:50 Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay
Left FedEx Sort Facility MEMPHIS TN  05/24/2002 01:33 
Arrived at Sort Facility MEMPHIS TN  05/24/2002 00:50 

So, if the formatting isn’t screwed up, you’ll notice that the package has been sitting in Mississauga for 5 days now. I’m wondering if I’ll end up getting it at all.

It’s Canada, who cares?

Well just to add my 2 cents…there are tons of us WEST of Ontario who DO vote against the corrupt left, but due to our meathead distribution of population (and our “wise” founding fathers who created our system of government), Ontario controls the nation…sigh. Anyways, find a friend in a “biotest friendly” province (like BC) and then use him as a middle man. It’s BRUTALLY expensive, but if you really want the stuff, it’s the best you can do…

My biotest package took 3 days. Day1 ordered day 2 waited and day 3arrived with a huge customs bill.
Right now customs is on the hunt for ephedra products like MD6. Their even confiscating them when you drive across the boarder.
So maybe in their hunt they found your mag-10.
Another reason it’s been sitting so long is because of the weekend. Be cool and cross your fingers.
I got mine back in March when things were a little easier.

A note to the frenchy BOP you’re the dumb shit;)
Does a wink work after an insulting comment, NO.

Sorry…I mean the term “meathead” in quotation marks…I’ve got loads of family back east, who are smart people, yet somehow always vote Liberal…sigh

Oh I pray for the day to arrive when we will have equal representation and an elected Senate…

But back to the topic at hand, as it stands, we’re screwed. Unless some of the “hardcore” places carry them, the best you can do is find a middle man of some sort…

I stand corrected. You shouldn’t be learning french in school. Not when you could barely spell in your own language.

jeezus…you guys have been watching far too many of those Molson ‘We Are Canadian!’ commercials :slight_smile:

hey if quebec want’s to seperate they can but on one condition. You have to take the maritimes with you as well. lol. Just kidding nobody get heated.

What stores in Montreal sell Mag-10?? Hook me up, dude. Thanks, timmy k.

Strata-Gym (its not a gym) on Notre-Dame O. Tell him BOP sent you :wink:

How can Canada suck when there are shops in the street that sell marijuana and bars where you can smoke it. If there is so much weed being exported from Canada how hard can it be to get a few bottles of Mag-10 or MD-6 across the border.

If you want Mag-10 go to www.heavyweights.net/ detailedproducts.asp?articleid=325 They have Mag 10 for $130.00 Canadian dollars. Tell them Ron sent you.

Uhmm… Amsterdam’s not in Canada, brother. Wish it was, tho.