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Why Does California Suck?


No loaded question here. Is it simple as all the illegals streaming into the state and sucking resources dry. Are state laws totally ass-backwards, compared to the rest of the country? Unions? Taxation without representation? Ahh-nold (say it ain't so)?


I dunno man. Growing up in the '80's and watching movies like Gleaming The Cube and Lost Boys, I thought the place was awesome. When I visited the Monterey Bay area and Santa Cruz it was pretty cool.

But now it just seems like the irresponsible little brother with a bunch of fucked up friends and a serious drug habit.


California's problem is referendum voting. Anybody who can get enough signatures on a petition can get their pet issue put on the ballot. I don't know if it's a constitutional problem, or if it's just an affect of tradition. It makes their laws, budgets, etc.. pretty fucking convoluted, though.

Well... there's also the issue of the place being full of Californians... never could understand those people.

That being said, they did manage to elect Arnold as their governor. I mean, you can't get much more awesome than that.


yeah the public driven infinitives or referendum voting is really screwed up. unlike most states in the union, referendum voting almost always gets passed whether the California can afford it or not. its really pretty ridiculous. Californians need to realize that they cant just vote in anything they please.

the part where California really loses out, however, is in the amount of pork they receive from the fed gov. cant remember the exact number, but its something like 79 cents on the dollar that they pay in. cant help but think that they would be in much better shape if the got say 90 cents on the dollar. but thats not really California's fault, and arnold tried to fix it.

lastly, there is this mindset. I was in a trader joes down in California and eves dropped in on a conversation that pretty much summed it up. This lady was complaining that her hubby, who worked for the state, was getting a pay-cut. She failed to understand why the private sector hurting would effect the public sector income and therefore the ability to pay her husband. This sort separation from reality is just hard for the rest of the union to understand, but seems to follow a relatively mainstream thought process in California.


Venice beach in the 80s ROCKED


Liberalism is a death wish and destroys societies that try it.

Government itself is basically evil, which is why Jefferson said his famous quote. Too bad people in Cali (a lot) and across the world listened to Marx and Lenin, not Thomas Jefferson and Ayn Rand.

Now they are doomed to suffer for their stupidity.


Dude we have that here. Country's been running a deficit for 8 years even during the boom... and all the labour party shills are protesting at a cut in wages even though places like the NHS have had a modest rise (break just over even if we account for inflation). everyone says hang the bankers but that just means a drop in revenue as the financial services are pretty much all we have left over here.... a lot of manufacture is heavily subsidised by the government and people just want something for nothing.... also the amount of money wasted is pretty obscene in the Civil Service..

But man would I love to visit California. Looks frickin' awesome


I live in Calif. is FUCKEN AWESOME. its liek a god dam planet earth in a fucken state.

Only thing i don't get is illegal immigrants here act like they have a RIGHT to be here. Never made any sense to me TBH.


Geographically it is hard to beat.

Shasta... has to be my favorite place that I have ever been... spring corn snow on avalanche gulch... slicing finger-thin turns on my carving board down the face, using the guided climbing groups like slalom gates.... fuckin' great times.


Its not only California anymore on that topic. I used to think Texas was tough on immigration. What a load of crap. The amount of money tax payers pay for illegals to go to public school, college, medical care, etc. is incredibly insane. But the La Raza say Im racist so nevermind.


I think my issue with california is their need to take take take take take to give to "people that need help" without thinking about where it comes from.

I had numerous friends that worked in cali until they kept increasing the taxes and environmental regulations to the point they moved to a different state.


Why California sucks...

We have a state legislature that is entirely Democratic, and even the Republicans here are fucking pussies. Last year, the state passed the largest tax hike in the history of our great country, and the deciding vote was passed by a Republican (Abel Maldonado you are the biggest piece of shit walking, I swear I will shit on your tombstone when that time comes.) We have huge entitlement plans here, the largest % of welfare recipients (we have 12% of the US population, but 35% of the US welfare cases). Think that will send you to the poor house at warp speed?

California is the best test case as to why big government sucks ass for the economy. Governor Schwarzen-failure increased govt by 40% in his term, yet did not downsize anything when the economy slowed down. Then we have Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villa-whore-rosa continue to hire more government employees when the economy slowed down. Then he gave them all raises and insane pensions. We now have a $28 Billion state deficit, with no end in sight. The unions control everything and everyone, wonder why Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown won over Nut-Meg Whitman? It wasn't the illegal alien nanny, although it didn't help. Meg is a two faced skank, always flip flopping on issues. Jerry had union backed support, with virtually unlimited resources.

I would also add that the insane illegal alien population here costs us billions with much less being returned back. $14 Billion of spending on illegal alien bullshit, half the deficit.


Why is a state wasting money on ADVERTISING. I see so many "Come visit California" commercials. Seriously people, just don't run your state into the dirt, keep the beaches clean, the slopes groomed and the bikinis tiny and people will keep going there to spend thier money. Literally they have to spend hundred of millions in advertising. I'm in a small market so it's not like they are just throwing up a few ads in some big east coast cities.



I don't know what the problem is exactly but FIX YOUR SHIT!!

All these California people are moving here and FUCKING UP my nice low crime, low tax, clean state.

Christ if I hear another person say..."Wow we just HAD to get out of California...what a nice place you have here durr hurr durr" - Dry heave

Translation - We're here to FUCK YOUR SHIT up


so true. usually starts with the "we just had to get out of cali" stuff, complaining about taxes, overbearing govt, lack of jobs, housing market, etc. Then in the next breath its, "do you know what Idaho needs? Social program A, social program B, and if you just had big $$$ social program C Idaho would be perfect."
what a load of crap.


They plan to spread the very same Liberal bullshit that killed California to other states. No I am not kidding and not being dramatic. It is moving eastward, prepare yourselves, do not let these fuckers take root in your state.


It's already started...first the immigrant community flooded our state because of the wealth of construction labor jobs...brining their activist/hand out cronies with them...now that the jobs have dried up and Utah is proposing a Arizona like law they are fleeing in droves (thank goodness).

Then the rich-on-paper crew showed up...wondering "Hey guys...why the heck does a Utah Department of Transportation flag waver not make $50 an hour...we gotta fix that...Hey you should start a Union...just sayin"

Fuck illegals...Fuck Unions....and motherfuck your tax and entitlement attitude.


Statism. It sucks because the statists run the place.

Beautiful place to visit but terrible place to live.


California is simply modern liberalism at its finest. The state is getting what it deserves for keeping Nancy Pelosi elected.


Even Texas is getting that. But they arent even courteous enough to say what a nice place we live.