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Why Does Blaha Advocate Multiple Lifts Per Body Part Now?

I remember that Jason blaha used to talk about the major compound lifts that you could get stronger by just progressively overloading and doing volume on them yet now he changed his stance and states that if you want to progress you must do multiple exercises in order to progress if you’re out of the beginner stage not just the major lifts no matter the volume. Yet I’ve been doing madcow 5x5 for close to 6 months now and the program has only 3 days a week of training, ramped up sets only squats, ohp, deadlift, bent over row and bench. I’ve had great results with the program and my squat has had the best results by far yet squats are the only exercise I’m doing for legs so I don’t understand why Blaha states that you’re going to end up plateauing if you don’t do multiple exercises for the same body part.
Please only serious answers regarding the question as I know Jason Blaha has gained popularity from trolling and that any topic regarding him ends up being a troll fest.

Because Blaha is a hack job lunatic.

And 6 months is way too long to be on a program like Stronglifts. You’re past the beginner phase now: go get on a real program. Consider 5/3/1, or Juggernaut Method, or Deep Water.


Blaha is like one of those guys on here who’s been giving advice for years then posts a pic in the T-ransformatiom thread, revealing one of the worst physiques on gods green earth.

You actually feel dirty after watching his videos


Jason Blaha is the kinda guy…

that sits on his TV and watches his couch.

that goes to Subway and orders 2 identical 6 inch subs.

that wears sunglasses while he sleeps.

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What floors me is that we have gents just as or if more knowledgeable on here. Also you factor in achievement level its mind blowing the guy has a following.

I always found it amusing he claimed he once had a 500lbs reverse grip bench.

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When Blaha first emerged on the scene the popular trend at the time was for super basic, minimalistic programs based on low reps on a few lifts.

Now times have changed and the trend is for more lifts, more assistance work and more reps. It sounds like Blaha is just keeping up with the times and repeating what’s hot now.


Hold on… I admit being a old fat guy and past my prime :sob:

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That and he started pushing more of a Westside approach awhile back ago.

Conjugate got popular again for a hot minute with Westside vs the World and seems to have vanished again just as fast.

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Why not drink straight from the fountain and ask Blaha this question directly? I don’t even think you’ll need to take the considerable risk of infiltrating his perimeter security measures to do this. If you aren’t a tier 1 operator I wouldn’t attempt such a thing. Nor would you need to run the risk of being picked off with a clean headshot at 1,000 yards if he perceives you to be a threat from afar. Do you know how long it will take you to hear the shot after it hits you from that distance? Trick question, you won’t hear it because you’ll dead. Just another statistic in a long line of Blaha’s confirmed kills.

I’m guessing he still has a youtube channel. I found it the week after I started lifting six or seven years ago and lost it shortly thereafter. Shoot him a message.


He’s the world first Deltaseal, a title he earned by infiltrating a Soviet special ops program to weaponized sea mammals by going deep cover as a walrus.

THAT’S how he got stretch marks. We shouldn’t ridicule heros like him.


I can’t tell if you are meaning to plagiarize a King of the Hill episode or if this is one of those instances where life imitates art, but good show sir



I love KOTH. Judge is a comedic genius.

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Oh my God. I just inadvertently blaha’d myself.

I don’t know if I should hang my head in shame or be happy for stumbling upon a similarly twisted soul in Mike Judge.

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The moment I read “Blaha advocates…” I stopped reading.

Why would anyone even care what he advocates, as he has shown over and over no understanding, let alone expertise in any topic related to training or nutrition.

If you were asking why an actual respected coach had changed their position over time, that might be an interesting topic to discuss.



Yeah it did …

You know my opinion… its one thing for a coach changing their stance on a few things. Its another if its a whole 180 degree philosophy change for what comes across as a way to make a buck.


Blahahaha no way that guy is a natty.

No way, who in the world can have a 40 inches waist with 14 inches arms naturally?