Why Does Alpha Destiny Get Such Hate on Forums?

I simply don’t get it. Dude is one of my favorite fitness personalities and his novice program. Actually made me get incredible gains in the 6 months I’ve tried it. Is it cause he’s so unorthodox and doesn’t follow that “powerlifting dogma” bullshit? He doesn’t even do Bodybuilding styled training like he used to. He is more like general yoke and strength training. A couple make the argument he looks like shit but Imo his body is pretty good for 5’7 185. Far from lean but he’s pretty good

I see most of the hate on Bodybuilding .com more than anything. I just don’t get the hate. He isn’t an A hole and he clearly knows what he is talking about and tries to reach out to as many people as he can that reach out to him for advice

I don’t watch much YouTube fitness stuff, but when I did see a few of his older videos, his impression that he’s totally jacked and all women want to be with him while all men want to be him made me dismiss him as just another delusional immature punk ass.

He might give out decent info, but I wouldn’t know.


Hahaha well my friend he actually has been making quality content the last year or so. Really recommend giving him a try again and see. He even destroyed Jason Blaha a couple months ago when blahino called him out

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How are you gonna listen to a dude who is Figuratively, Growing His FIRST Beard As You Watch??!!

ey he made it work didnt he? :smiley: lol I dnt give a sht about his Beard goals. its no different a goal than see Bradley Martin Open up his gym amid drama and click bait videos, Jason genova try and turn pro in 5 years or barbell brigade guy bulking to such a disgusting degree and seeing Rich Piana literally grow himself to death. It’s all fun

Was little dude actually keeping a record of his beard growth, and people were following it? I thought he had something to do with weights.

I meant that he seemed young to be taken seriously. I’ve got bulges disks older than that dude. I suspected that was why people hated on him.


I sorted through some of his vids and just can’t give a crap. If I want to get talked at by a 16 year old, I’ll just wait 12 years and ask my son what he thinks about anything.

I like this guy-

edit- Thanks Chris.

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Based solely on his own physique, I guess. But he has zero actual credentials other than “I worked out and I got these results.” No competitive experience letalone success, no formal training in any fitness-related field, no track record of success with clients. Just a bro who built some muscle and decide to start a Youtube channel as a self-appointed expert.

I haven’t watched his stuff either, but a quick scan of his articles show some outright dangerous advice. From his “How to Cure Bulging Discs - Fix Lower Back Pain FOREVER!” (emphasis his):
"Depending on the severity of your back injury, applying these techniques will take you 1-6 months to fully recover.

Although this may appear long for some people, the good news is that once you’re recovered you will never have back pain again.

You’ll be able to compete in any sport you like, lift as heavy as you want, and be able to play with your kids if they ever request you to."

Well, that’s good news. Here I was thinking that chronic back issues sometimes take a year or longer to thoroughly address, and often require permanent changes to training, like avoiding certain problematic exercises. Good thing he came to the rescue. Extra-LOL at “If your kids ever request you to.” This dude is definitely living in his own bubble.

Also from that same article:
“The first method is by getting yourself a pair of ankle weights, and wearing them throughout the entire day.
I personally recommend that you use the 10lb ankle weights, but if you have to use a lighter weight for whatever reason that can work too.”

So, to solve a bulging disc, we drastically increase stress on the hip, knee, and ankle joints? Seems legit.

Further, one of several issues with his “novice routine” is that it’s based around weighted planks, weighted chins, heavy low-rep box squats, heavy preacher curls, and heavy good mornings, among other exercises. None of which are appropriate for beginners.

I’m sure there are other reasons, mostly coming back to the quality of his content, but the long and short of it is that this guy has capitalized on the modern day “Internet fitness expert” trend without earning the right to speak as authoritatively as he does.


In fairness, I hate on all internet youtube fitness gurus, not just this guy.

But I also express this hate by refusing to click on their links. I can not, for the life of me, understand these people that supposedly loathe certain personalities that have ended up consuming all of their media, dutifully watched every single video, memorized every lie, and have the entire history memorized.


I don’t spend much time on YouTube, so am unaware of most of these individuals. But I have to say, the fact that someone chose to refer to himself as Alpha Destiny is in and of itself enough for me to steer clear of him.


He is amusing for the wrong reasons in small doses. Apparently he has to do a behind the back deadlift for health reasons , not sure if this is valid. He is fairly strong I guess 3xbw deadlift , I had to turn him off after a few minutes. The Hodge twins are funny too , as is Yo Elliot.
I find Omar Isluf and Greg Knuckles quite good. There is nothing new but it is informative and entertaining plus they don’t have an attitude.

this mirrors my thoughts exactly. The name alone is enough to completely put me off.

he’s not 5’7

u have to lie about ur idol so people dont shit on him?? lmfao, you can’t even tell the truth about his height, i can’t expect you to be honest about anything.

besides no one really cares about his height. i only care when its lied about.

I never look into his height, I just know he is short. I couldnt care less

“destroyed Jason blaha”

What does destroy mean to you? Jason Blaha said 1200lb rackpulls cannot be good for your discs, and that axial loading exercises are very hard to recover from so you’d be better off with shrugs and cheat shrugs for trap development.

Alpha destiny releases some video of memes and 12-year-old garbage talking about irrelevant shit. In what world is that destroying an argument? That’s stupid as fuck.

calling out blahas past delusions is irrelevant to what Blaha was arguing.

what memes and irrelevant stuff has he put out? lately for the past several months he’s put out quality content for the most part. the majority of his stuff now is all straightforwards and to the point.

Apparently he can bb curl 205 but can only ohp 225 lol…he also has a rather annoying way of talking (kinda like robert deniro’s charismatically challenged son or something) + he talks about how you only have ‘one time as a novice’ to make uber-awesome gains etc…which, for reasons I shouldn’t really have to explain is pure boswellox!

He does have prettier pecs than me though…maybe I’m just jelly!

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I have not watched anything of his, but if the posters in this thread are accurate, he obviously has no idea what he is talking about and either you have fallen for it and/or you have no idea either.

I also can’t stand these self proclaimed experts. It really isn’t difficult to put on decent amounts of muscle and stand out in today’s crowd. Just time and effort. But than to use the physique to spin whatever bullshit sounds good to your loyal fans is very low IMO.

Alpha Destiny… Lmao sounds like the guy is asking for it anyway.

Honestly I hate that “youtube fitness” is even a thing. I’ve always held that if someone has my respect and attention when they discuss anything fitness or nutrition related, they have to either:

1- Be a VERY elite level athlete or bodybuilder, or
2- Have very impressive university credentials in an actual relevant field of study

Today’s social media (and I group youtube with that) allows people who anyone truly qualified would consider well beneath expert enough to be doling out advice about anything to consider themselves an authority, and speak as such. Since we have actual celebrities like Justin Bieber being considered “buff” by modern mainstream media publications, I basically discount just about everyone who fancies themselves qualified to give out advice -lol



And here I am, wasted that time and money on a physiatrist and a physical therapist for my injury and pain. I could’ve tuned into this guy.