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Why Do You Workout?

There are many reasons to go to the gym and improve yourself, and most people have more than one reason for doing so I am interested in what motivates T-Nation members?

Mine are:

respect from other men 40%

improve sporting ability 30%

atract opposite sex 30%

this is true,at times im not sure what they are but for some reason or a nother i keep finding my self back at the gym, for me i like the pain, the respect, and the way it makes me feel after im done,im new to T-Nation and these topics get me thinking and motivate me to keep pushing harder thinks every one for taking the time to give feedback and your opinions

umm… increase athletic preformance… and as a hobby I guess. It’s fun!

Because prior to working out, I was keeping myself ‘weak’ and otherwise treating my body like crap.

All-natural cure for depression/narcissim.

I workout so I stay stronger than all the low lifes that work for me. It makes getting things done easier.

I want to live long enough to be a burden to society.

To get stonger…faster…more powerful

Become stronger
Be a better fighter
Look good nekkid

In that order

[quote]Mad Titan wrote:
To get stonger…faster…more powerful[/quote]

But why?

for sports, women, fighting, health etc…?

  1. because I feel much better about myself whan I am strong and fit than when I am overweight and mushy

  2. because at 38, I gotta start taking care of myself better

  3. because my oldest daughter will be a teenager before I know it, and that means …boyfriends.

I have to go with the “Look Good Nekkid” group. I have a rather large fat guy trapped inside of me who tries to escape on a regular basis. I have to train to keep him in check.

I strongly believe that 95% of the male population that starts weightlifting does it for the poon. In the same vein, those who stick with it for more than a year end up doing it for many more reasons, health, athletic ability, hobby, and of course, still the poon.

Those who are in it purely for vanity aren’t the type of people who have enough determination to stick with it until their body changes, and thus stop lifting.

Anyways, I started for pussy, I’m still doing it for the pussy, and I’m sure once I hit my late twenties I’ll be glad for the health reasons as well. Also, more and more, I’m finding it comforting to know that I can defend myself and others.

Having other men see me as powerful but still being a good guy is important to me. There are plenty of weak tiny guys who are nice, but people figure that it’s out of necessity or because they are a pushover. I like people knowing I can beat their ass, yet still seeing me behave with humility and kindness. As ironically as I put that, haha.

Also, I hate the thought of being average. It’s something I’ve always detested. Life’s too short to live and do nothing, weight lifting gives me something that I can control and improve on.

Being a bit of a spoiled kid when I was younger, I began to hate that some people thought of me this way. I wanted to prove to them that I could work hard and constantly improve myself with orders from noone but myself. Through lifting and concentrating on goals, I’ve become a lot more self reliant. I wanted to prove to the guys at my gym that I wasn’t just some 14 year old punk who ate doritos and sat on his ass (I was back then, haha).

And lastly, I’ve always enjoyed teaching as much as knowing. And to teach, I find it necessary to achieve a good deal beyond what I would expect of my “students.” I don’t want to be a yoda.


[quote]Mad Titan wrote:
To get stonger…faster…more powerful[/quote]


Me, I don’t want to attract the opposite or intimidate my own gender through muscles. Though if it does the job, it’s cool for me.

Improving your mind isn’t easy. The smarter/more experienced/educated etc. you get, the dumber you sometimes feel nontheless.
Whereas improving physically is fairly easy. You just gotta get your ass up.
Sometimes it can even be fun.

started off because i was so skinny it was unhealthy and i wanted to play basketball at a higher level…now because i like being stronger than other people and having a “commanding presence”, and i love catchin girls starin at me at the beach




There are a ton of posative benefits to lifting, but those are my big three.

[quote]SkyzykS wrote:



There are a ton of posative benefits to lifting, but those are my big three.

Ahhhh, very well put. Same here.


It keeps me off tall buildings with a high powered rifle?

Yeah, maybe.

But I would always prefer to be one of the few rather than one of the many. Being a fit and strong middle-aged female certainly makes me one of the few.

And I can still wear a thong with impunity.

(No, I will not post pictures)

I powerlift for my school. So I powerlift to get stronger and bigger…sooooooo I then, by relation, look good naked.

[quote]gamarz wrote:
I have to go with the “Look Good Nekkid” group. I have a rather large fat guy trapped inside of me who tries to escape on a regular basis. I have to train to keep him in check.[/quote]

Love it. I’m training to get the fat guy back on the inside, hopefully forever.

I also need a place to take out my daily stressors instead of on my family. I’ve recently added heavy bag work into my weekly routine. There’s nothing quite like 5 to 10 three minute rounds on the heavy bag to beat away the demons.

I’ll also give a thumbs up to developing the skills necessary to defend my wife and children, which I hope to never use.