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Why do you watch those stupid cartoons.....

Anybody else here like Jap Anime? Some of my favorites are Dragonball Z, Akira, Wings of Honneamise, Ninja Scroll, and Ghost in the Shell. All of my friends make fun of me for watching “cartoons” so I was just wondering if any of you Muscle Hedz were into them.

Japanimation is some cool shit. Ghost in the shell is very cool. Other than Akira I haven’t really seen alot but one of my roommates is from Japan and he is really into that stuff.

Record of Lodos War, Wind Ninja Chronicals (Ninja Scroll), Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Serial Experiment Lain, Appleseed, Eightman, The Guyver, Ghost in the Shell, Violence Jack, Grave of the Fireflies, Project Ako, Vampire Hunter D, Bubblegum Crisis, Wicked City, Devilman, need i go on?

Yup, love anime, love Honk Kong action flicks.

Weapon X - your Shaolin Master Killer.

I do not know about those. I do know “The Tick” was the shiznet. The big muscle dude with the short fat guy always cracked me up…

Yeah, I like “Jap anime” the way I like “Chink” Kung Fu flicks.

Yeah I watch DBZ but for a different reason. Last fall my brother I were sharing an apartment together(I was 20 he was 19). We were going to school at a local college and he didn’t do very well the past semester so he was a little depressed and I told him I’d help him through it. Well, the problem reoccured. My brother quit going to class and got really depressed(I would venture to say it clinical type) started drinking and taking pills and watching tv in his free time and he discovered DBZ while watching cartoons one day. He was hooked. He would always make me run off to buy him cigarettes and anything else he could think of no matter what I was doing. Then one day he gave me his little laundry list of things to get then he made the comment,“Wait DBZ’s coming on!” I was so intrigued that he wanted me to watch this with him that I sat down immediately expecting God’s gift to tv. I was dissappointed to say the least. I thought it was really stupid and I let him know that. But then I realized that it was really the first time I had seen him sober and happy at the same time in quite some time. So I kept watching it with him every day just to try to bond with him and I hated just about every minute of the show. Then one Saturday night when he went out drinking and went to sleep at a friend’s place and he didn’t wake up. It was the only catastrophic event that I’ve ever experienced and it was rough. About a week later I was flipping through chanels and I caught DBZ and I started watching it and crying at the same time. I was really the only form of therapy I could find. I live by myself now and every day I’m glued to the tv when it comes on. I don’t really tell any of my friends because I know they’ll think the same thing I thought of it and I refuse to tell them the reason I watch it because I don’t want their pity. Sorry for the long post but I saw the message and I just had to vent. Take care of yourselves guys.

im actually watching ninja scroll right now… jubei just killed blind dude… its my favorite movie and or japanime… anyways, i love outlaw star, cowboy bebop, DBZ (except the movies. hate the movies), reboot, and the transformer movie. I dont like akira (why is it so damn popular?), fist of the north star, battle angel, the gundam series (8th team was pretty cool). next on my list to see is tri gun and legend of the overfiend.

btw- japanime means nothing bad… its just that most anime came from japan, and japanime is shorter than japanese anime.

I completely forgot to add Record of Lodoss War
and Lain to my list of favorites, good call man. Lain has got to be one of the best mind fucks of all time. Oh yeah can’t forget Yotoden- Wrath of the Ninja either.

Ryan, Jesus man that is some really rough shit. Just reading that and thinking of my brother made me misty eyed. Damn man I wish you the best keep watching if it feels better. Peace, K

Hey Hyok, chill the fuck out! I don’t know where you live man, but where I live we refer to JAPANESE ANIMATION in the shortened form of JAP ANIME. I was not trying to offend anyone just trying to put up a post that wasn’t about girls or sex cuz that shit is gettin’ old :slight_smile:

I really liked Ninja Scroll, Fatal Fury the Motion Picture, Record of Lodoss Wars and a few others. I’m not really into the whole space, or giant robots with guns ones. But all the ones about old school ninjas, samurai, swords and sworcery are cool.

DBZ rules!!

Why is it that everyone is so damn sensitized to use of the word “nigger” but so many think that it is not that bad to say “gook, zipperhead, chink or Jap?” I can see how “Japanime” could be contraction of Japanese anime. In fact, the first two letters of “anime” is the same as the last two letters of “Japan.” But “Jap anime,” to me, conveys different meaning. If you had no intent to offend, then that’s cool, but the fact is “Jap” itself stands alone as a pejorative term for Japanese.

Ninja Scroll=Great
Fists of the NorthStar= Uhhhhh…Messy(Watch and see!)
Dragon Ball Z=Good but to predicable and the fights last 100 episodes “just punch the guy out already”
Akira=First 20 mins. good the rest gave me a headache
Gundam Wing=Okay
Sailor Moon= Amazi…just kidding.

That’s all I can remember seeing at the moment.