Why Do You Train?

I ask you this, why do you train? Why powerlifting?

I train becuase it keeps me sane, it my sanctuary, where its just me and the weight. Im a powerlifter, because I don’t want to be on stage in a thong

I want to be too strong to kill.

I want to be strong to kill. Ya know, just in case.

I train to be as strong as possible. Every workout is about taking it a little further than the last one, whatever further means.

because I want to pull chicks. It aint working so I guess I do it because I like it now

One day I want to be at my genetic potential; to fulfill that one singularity then I have actualized the one thing to be the strongest I have ever been in my life. So one day, when I can’t make that small increment jump I will know I’m at the peak of the mountain as a sign of hallmark.

because it is the only time during the day i feel like a man. it is the time i don’t have to answer the phone, appease my boss, cut the fucking grass, fix whatever is broken, be nice, kiss ass, talk to my kids, feed the cats, empty the dishwasher, put gas in the car. I don’t have to talk to anyone, explain anything, make excuses, or ask permission. i can ignore everyone except the hot chicks who distract my attention thank god. I can sweat, strut, flex, groan, fart, and nobody gives me shit. I have 60 minutes each day that is mine, where i feel empowered over some part of my otherwise boring life, some place and time where I can feel good, and strong, and powerful.

other than that, I can’t think of a single reason to train. maybe i’ll quit.

I want to be strong enough to kill Iron Abrams. :stuck_out_tongue:

…but in all honesty, it’s something to strive for, something that gives me more fulfillment than anything else at this current time. Plus being damn strong might come in handy some day. Ya never know. Plus I’m rather curious what my genetic potential is as well, I mean, it’s there, may as well find out, huh?

Because if I train, then I have a chance at one day not sucking. That would be really cool.

So when some fruit comes up to me to tell me how he hit a PR on his “Fran” time, I can tell him I squat 700lbs.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
So when some fruit comes up to me to tell me how he hit a PR on his “Fran” time, I can tell him I squat 700lbs.[/quote]


I powerlift because I am not good at anything else.

Because being strong is better than being weak.

Because Chicks dig a man with sandpaper rough hands!!!

Naaa for no other reason than its something I enjoy doing.

because it’s fun. also if i don’t train for over a week i start to get very angry all the time. lol

If I get tired in everyday life, or can’t lift something, I get disappointet. I want to be the master of my body, like a machine.

Because being strong is better than being weak.

It keeps me sane and always teaches me something.

I’m not a competitive powerlifter. I train using a ws4sb set-up with some olympic variants thrown in.

I’d consider myself a performance enthusiast at this point. I train 'cause I want a double bodyweight bench, a double bodyweight clean and a triple bodyweight squat all while weighing 185-190 and maintaining a +40" vertical and a sub 4.5 40yd dash.

At my current weight [178-ish] I’m at around a 285lb bench, a 355lb squat [although I’ve done 405 before my knee surgery], a 235lb clean, a 38" vert [done 41.5"] and right around a 4.5 40.

I train because I want to be stronger, faster, more athletic and to look and perform better than I did yesterday.

EDIT: I’ve also benched 315, but that was with a pinky on the rings grip and I was carrying about 10lbs of extra padding. I can’t go wider than a bit inside of thumbs length away from smooth due to shoulder issues now.

I enjoy training as a mentally soothing activity. There’s also a probelm solving quality as you try to trick your body into doing things god never intended it to do. I like the side effects of training too- being big and muscular. In the circles I run in outside of training and competing, most people don’t look like me and I enjoy being a little bit of a freak.

I got into it because i wasnt very good at any other sport, and sports arent any fun if your not one of the best on the team, my opinion.

Also, i think i have good genetics for it. And, so i can be the strongest raw lifter, ever.

I powerlift because i love chalking my hands before that big lift, i love sniffing ammonia and going insane, i love standing on the side with my ipod in waiting for my name to be called, i love the sport and will never ever stop lifting

  1. life is too short to be small
  2. I wish I was strong
  3. overcompensating for being a nerd…