Why Do You Take So Many Drugs?

I have noticed that all these forms are filled of people recommending to take super high doses of steroids and most of them look like shit ( no offense) the same in my gym. I have done 2 cycles and I’m on my third right now. First cycle I did 250 sustenon a week tryed to bump it up to 500 but my body didn’t respond well ( got test fever) so on my second cycle I did bump it to 500 giving my self a shot every other day ( I really didn’t notice a difference between taking 250 and 500 a week on my gains ) now I’m on 250 a week and 10mg of winstrol a day. I have a freeking awesome body better then almost all the steroid users at my gym.
So why do most people think that by taking more steroids they will get a bigger and more asthetic physic? I literally do not know one person that trains with the same intensity that I do. So don’t you think that instead of taking so much drugs you should think about training for real, eating clean and doing it every single day with no excuses?

Everyone responds differently but in my opinion too many people jump on the gear before they learn to eat and train correctly. It all works together. Just look through this forum and see how many threads there are of people under 25 and several under 20 who want advice on their first cycle. They still popping teenage acne pimples and they want to fuck up their system by doing a cycle. This shit is crazy!

I think you answered your question in how you presented it. Just some guys are looking for the answer in a bottle not in the effort.

As far as the high dosage goes I think that has to do with guys assuming that what is on the label of the UGL bottle is accurate. If the top UGL puts out a test E series labeled 300 but is really just under 200. Then a guy who is a weak responder (takes a little more to get the same effect as the next guy) ends up not getting any real response at one cc labeled 300 but really under 200 a week, then the next time he goes with three CC’s and then gets the results. He thinks he is taking 900 but really is like 580 or so then that gets past around the internet at 900. It’s really bad these days I see stuff labeled 600 mgs a cc I know that can’t be accurate and if it is I don’t see how it doesn’t crash.
I really think these dosages are from experience with miss labeled bottles and guys thinking that if an actually Pro NEEDS that high of a dose to grow then the amateur thinks that is a reasonable dosage for him on his second or third cycle. By Pro I mean the 250 plus pounds and under five % body fat.
I myself try to keep it under 1.5 grams a week of injectables IF I am running a Trinity stack. (One from each of the three AAS families) Really it tends to be 1.2 grams a week but if it is just two AAS injectables it is under a gram a week then I might add an oral. All those dosages are assuming that bottle lable was accurate. I keep my test between 400- 500 mgs a week, I did 750 once and like you I didn’t see much added in the results. You actually have me thinking I might try my test down around 300 the next time.
I am 5’11 235 (give or take) and below 10% body fat. If those fat calipers from GNC are to be believed I am below 7%.

One last thing, I mentioned low responders, you might be a high responder. I wish I responded to only 10 mgs a day of winny.