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Why Do You Still Feel Small?


no matter how much i grow i still feel like im not big.

compared to a pro bodybuilder im not big this is true.

compared to most people and even most people i see in the gym im huge, but why dont i feel big enough is this normal?

is it normal to look down at 18inch arms and see 14s still?


story of my life. ill never be satisfied til im "holy fuck, does he eat children?" big. even if ive gotta be in "full house" mode.


It's pretty much a pseudo-mental condition a lot of people in the iron game get. Called "bigorexia".


Doubt it. Because when most people consider you "Holy fuck, does he eat children?" you'll still be nit-picking and over-obsessing about imbalances, your weight, etc.

And that's what makes us different from everyone else.


There is always someone bigger, leaner, and stronger.

I wouldnt say it is "bogorexia," id leave that* term for guys like Gregg Valentino.

Its just wanting to be better, I would guess, which is good


I feel small because I've stood next to Ronnie Coleman.


I notice it's a lot easier to be happy with how you look when you are leaner. Even when I was nearly 300 pounds I felt small, but at 265 and much much leaner I feel much more satisfied.


Because I am.


Because no matter how wide I get, I'll still only be 5'6".


I hear ya, at 6'3 250 im usually the biggest guy wherever i go, but i still feel waaaaaay too small for my liking, to the point where its frustrating. Even though i get compliments all the time from "Average" people, its like it doesnt mean anything because there definition of big is anyone over 200 lbs who isnt a fat fuck.


I would have guessed the last time you felt "small" was about 10 years ago....and yeah i know how old you are

I agree, being big and lean beats being slightly bigger but somewhat soft anyday.


just as there are magnitudes to every other mental condition, there are to bigorexia as well


I made this thread about 6 months ago... but yeah i agree i always feel small, partly because i am, but i've always been the biggest guy in my group of friends and friends of friends.

But when you step into this site, u realise your built like a little girl and it forces you to hit the gym and train ur ass off!!!


Why Do You Still Feel Small?

Because I'm not 250lbs yet.

And when I get to 250lbs, it'll be because I'm not 280lbs


i bet if you could go back in time and show your small self what you look like now you would think you were massive.


Ive thought this very same thing. Im sure i would, 80 lbs is a huge difference. Your small self was probably too uneducated when it comes to bodybuilding to realize what "big" truly is though



check you out calling the OP fat.



Pretty much this


I know I actually feel pretty jacked at 225lbs, then again I'm a manlet at 5'7 so wtf do I know?


i have gotten pretty chunkie im like 240 and for sure over 20%bf