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Why do you Love Being a Personal Trainer?

I am considering taking this on a a career since I love training so much. I’m in a conflict between doing that instead of my intended major, hotel management.

Just wondering why those who are trainers love what they do. So if that’s you then by all means post something! :wink:

I’m in the same boat as you. I’m a military man, but my true passion is for helping people accomplish their fitness/health goals. Why I’m starting to take up Exercise Science and want to be certified by my birthday next year.

It’s a great feeling to help someone who has struggled to reach their goals.

I’m drawn to the weight loss crowd since so many try and have been given bad information they are frustrated.

It’s not hard for many of us who have the knowledge, but for me they’ve been told such ridiculous stuff they don’t know what to believe.

When that person starts following your advice and they’re dropping weight every week and are doing so in a healthy long-term manner their outlook changes.

Plus, both my parents have had heart attacks before age 50 so I take my health pretty serious and I want to help others avoid that if possible.

I became a trainer because I liked working out, I stayed a trainer because I realized it wasn’t about me.

Here are my top reasons I enjoy my line of work:

  1. The interactions and things I learn from clients who tend to be very successful people. You can learn a lot about business, selling, and money management from them. Also it’s what many of them enjoy talking about.

  2. Watching and helping people achieve their goals

  3. It’s encouraged to learn more about training to no end and this can only help your own training.

  4. A line of work where coworkers and other people around the workplace understand why you can’t cover their night because you were planning on training.

  5. It’s teaching intensive the first couple of weeks/months while they are learning the basics of nutrition and how to properly execute certain exercises. But after that it’s telling clients what to do (in a nice way) and sharing old college drinking stories or just joking around for the entire session.

I Think personal trainers give people a real confidence boost… many people dont believe their diet\exercise will work and dont last long.

I’m a wannabe personal trainer…I’m currently studying for my cert…

It just feels like a good fit for me…I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, and I would love nothing more than to help those that have the same struggles…and what better way to stay motivated?!