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Why Do You Lift?


I've always been fascinated with raw strength,and ever since I was a kid I've lifted random heavy objects.In kindergarden I got a few mates of mine to gather all the kids while I lifted rocks to show off.

Now I lift because I love it.Gains in lean body mass are nice,so is getting compliments from girls.The real reason I do it though is because I love lifting heavy shit.

Why do you?


I like to scare little children.


Because, I want to fit in!


Its like Crack. Very addicting.


I dont understand why anyone would ever want anything less than a "high performance" body.




I have no social life, and spend all day on the computer.

Besides, I like the funny looks I get from people when doing thing like saying "That [box/tv/other object] is only 200 pounds?" and then effortlessly picking it up.


I hated team sports in school - no one else did weight training and i was really weak (could'nt even do a push-up when i was sixteen lol). Plus i like to do stuff that i'm initially really useless at.


What was that quote? "You have two choices in life, you can be weak, or you can be strong. Why would you choose to be weak?"
I just love lifting heavy shit, and feeling strong.


Well, like a lot of guys I started lifting because I was really skinny - only 130lbs or so at the start of training. I'm not exactly a monster now, but at a little over 200, and arms just under 17 inches, my skinny days are over.

These days I do it because I love trying to one-up myself in the gym. There's nothing quite like setting a new PR, or discovering that your arms are bigger than when you last measured them.


I lift because I can.
I pick up heavy things because you can't.
I spend hours in the gym because you won't.
I watch what I eat because you don't.
I lift therefore, I AM...


My parents had me start swimming lessons when I was 3 and martial arts when I was 6. My dad always made me do extra pushups and situps after class.
They also had me do skiing, golf, skating, sports camps etc...

Since my memory doesn't go far back beyond 6, "working out" has been part of my life as long as I can remember.

It feels odd NOT being in the gym.

Now it's just something I love doing and learning about as I go, (and deep down, I do enjoy it when someone comments on it)

There's also a strong history of heart and cholesterol trouble in my family, so it's nice being able to keep that in check to a certain extent.


I'm not into fat chicks


I'd say most men lift weights (at least initially...at the start) to either:
1) Impress women
2) Impress (intimidate, compete with..) other men.

Usually both.


Love the quote 'You have two choices...'

Applies to everything.


Love the quote 'You have two choices...'
Applies to everything.


I often wonder why people are soooo attached to ther vehicles and how these vehicles look, yet their own true vehicle, (the body)is lain to waste.



I agree. i also think it's funny when people just can't believe that i spend $100 or $200 or whatever amount of money a month on supplements and yet they spend wayyyyy more than that on alcohol, going to the bar, ciggarettes, chewing tabacco, etc. or when the guy who's pounding a double quarter pounder, fries, and a supersized coke looks at me like i'm weird when i whip out a protein shake and a tupperware bowl of oatmeal. these things say a lot about our society.


Trying to impress women.


True. Nothing's more fascinating than people's priorities. This goes for the bodybuilding world as well.